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Swatch Award 2014


At the International Talent Support event that took place in Trieste, Italy this weekend, ten ITS ARTWORK finalists representing six countries presented their Swatch-inspired creations to an eclectic panel of jury members. Following an energetic and crowd-pleasing fashion show through the centre of the ITS venue, winners of each category were declared.

Virginia Burlina from Italy was announced as the first ITS ARTWORK award-winner.

Describing the reasons behind choosing Virginia’s creation, Swatch Creative Director Carlo Giordanetti said, “First of all, her artwork embodies the four key elements of Swatch's DNA. We liked the overall aesthetics – it’s very rich and very articulate. And it has an extremely feminine dimension; it has the elegance that only a woman can express. We also liked the fact that the work was based on a story, a story with emotions - but not only positive emotions. It’s a story based on a strong and deep inspiration. The fact that there were poetry and poetic words interspersed was very important to us.”

“We defined it as the work that best achieved the goal of creating a vocabulary for a lucid dream. A very personal vocabulary,” he added.

Virginia’s creation, featuring embroidery with glass beads, represents a romantic ghost love story and depicts a naïve love – one that can transform anyone into a child, and one that is made of imagination. This story is conveyed through hints and reminders of love, like a bride’s veil, her gloves and a silk cushion. Much like the bride’s sheer veil, this artwork is detailed and delicate. The color of the beads gives the creation a hint of youth and joy.

“For me this award is recognition of my work, my aesthetic and all the work I did in one year. This is the end of [my project] and so I am really happy that I got this award,” Virginia said. “When I read the briefing from Swatch, I looked at my work and every element was already there. I thought that the most obvious thing was just to go on like that because everything was ready – I had already started a collection with sheer [elements] embroidered with beads and with a story.”

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Swatch & ITS 2014


At the International Talent Support event that took place in Trieste, Italy, ten ITS ARTWORK finalists presented their Swatch-inspired creations to an eclectic panel of jury members. Discover ITS ARTWORK winner Virginia Burlina and all the highlights of the event.

Swatch Award

The Jury

The ITS ARTWORK jury included a mix of personalities, styles and tastes. Tasked with determining which of the ten finalists would receive the prize - € 10,000 and an internship at the Swatch Creative Lab in Zurich – were post-modern pop star Mika and his sister Yasmine Penniman, Humiecki & Graef co-owner and creative director Sebastian Fischenich, contemporary artists Eva and Adele, “Corriera della Sera” director Gianluigi Colin, Swiss curator Juri Steiner, Joyce Magazine publisher Maria Eugenia Alberti and Swatch Creative Director Carlo Giordanetti. 

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