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Olaf Hajek

With his athletic build and the poetry of his dreamlike images, Olaf Hajek immediately com...

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Pilgrimage to style and sucess

From winning his first contest as a 14 year-old schoolboy to being one of mountain biking’...

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The Talent Scout

Every summer, fashion fairy godmother Barbara Franchin’s festival of new style, talent and...

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Swatch & Vogue Italia

Swatch and Vogue Italia face time together and look towards the future of design....

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Through the Eyes of Five Members

The winners of the Swatch Club VIP event in Courmayeur (Italy) answer some timely question...

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Swatch Facing_Time

It was not easy. But it was a lot of fun. Here is our choice of 15 visuals and 5 videos, w...

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La Biennale di Venezia

Sheltered by the twists and turns of its narrow streets and canals, few cities can offer t...

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Destination Antarctica

Last winter, the French snowboarding ace sailed to the Antarctic with US rider Lucas Debar...

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Total Food Weirdness

Cooking and creativity go hand in hand — but what we eat has started to leave the buffet t...

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The 27th Hour

Did you know there are 27 hours in a day ? This is the time a man needs to realise what a ...

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This year, both Swatch and Mika turned 30. As part of a thoroughly post-modern joint celeb...

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The Swatch Art Peace Hotel

For the past twenty years Shanghai has been pursuing an urban regeneration program of unri...

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