Kassia Meador




Oceanside, California (USA)

About her

Pro surfer, model, photographer, artist, and designer it is difficult to imagine a more talented or more beautiful individual than Kassia Meador. Widely recognized as one of the world’s best longboarders (male or female) Kassia’s surfing is poetry in motion, her poise and grace in the ocean as captivating as her sweeping smile and sparkling good looks on land.
Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley (30 minutes inland of the coast), Kassia started surfing the high profile Malibu break at the age of 15. Making the most of her rare and cherished trips to the beach, ‘Kassi’ spent hours in the ocean honing her classic style on the idyllic peelers of Southern California’s most perfect right point break. Winning the first contest she ever entered, Kassia’s rise to professional status proved swift, this longboarding queen notching up professional titles faster than she could count them.
With Mexican-Italian-English-French heritage, her sultry beauty and chiseled frame guaranteed worldwide visibility as a model. Coupled with her free-spirited, fun-loving nature she has inspired a generation of fe-male surfers in her role as an ambassador and spokeswomen for female surfing.
Suffering a broken foot, which kept her out of the surf for six months, Kassia found new and inspiring ways to express herself through film and photography. Achieving just as much success in front of the lens as behind it, Kassia has featured extensively on mainstream television stations as well as in leading art, style and culture magazine titles.
She is also a supporter of worthy charities and a proud ambassador for Keep a Breast Foundation and Non Toxic Revolution. Kassia currently resides in Oceanside, California where she lives out inspired days surfing, shooting photos, making art and hanging out with friends.


• Nose riding and the cross step
• Photography
• Film-making
• Clothing design


• Ambassador for Keep a Breast Foundation and Non Toxic Revolution
• Passionate snowboarder
• Kassia has launched two of her own signature wetsuit and lifestyle lines k*meador designs
• Lover of music and travel


Kassia has an unmistakable artistic flair and is driven by the need to express and create, inspiring others with her slightly offbeat way of seeing the world. Her irresistibly bubbly and hippie down-to-earth nature attract people to her like bees to honey and she has the ability to lift one’s spirits with her boundless energy and humble appreciation for life’s simplest experiences. A great sense of humor and love for the people in her life, she is a joy to be around as she constantly seeks out new adventures and creative projects, which inspire her.