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Planet Innovation

Planet Swatch is a child of technology, a story of endless innovation. The first Swatch was a technological marvel, an unprecedented achievement in watchmaking. Who would have thought a plastic watch possible? It was inconceivable, and yet there it was! In the three decades since, Swatch has remained at the cutting edge as advancing science and technology have made new products and features possible. Swatch .beat, for example, brought digital displays and a new way of looking at time (Internet Time). Swatch was one of the first to use touch screen technologies, and even made pagers and telephones! New Swatch product lines (Skin, Scuba, Irony, Diaphane...) took science and technology from the lab to the wrist, brought chronograph and automatic movements, transparent plastic dials and cases, and all kinds of new faces and functions. And let’s not forget, it all began with the radical re-thinking of watch design and construction that made Swatch possible. Before Swatch, Swiss watches contained more than 90 components, often many more, and were made by hand by skilled craftsmen. A Swatch was a Swiss made, high-quality timepiece, too, but was made with only 51 components assembled on a high-tech production line. This was the famous “Revolution 51”.


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