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Swatch Award 2015


Swatch has expanded its partnership with ITS - International Talent Support, the leading showcase for young designer talent, and is focusing this year on “Talents of the Future” - young designer talents from around the world who will bring their ideas to Trieste for ITS 2015.

ITS 2015 participants from the world’s leading fashion, accessories and jewelry schools are invited to submit their best work in one or more of three areas: ITS FASHION, ITS JEWELRY and ITS ACCESSORIES. The fourth area, ITS ARTWORK, is open to participants who have enrolled in one or more of the other areas. The jury for the ITS ARTWORK area, invited by Swatch, will be composed of an eclectic set of personalities who are active in fields ranging from music to fashion and art. Representing their fields and their own unique points of view, the jury members will evaluate the content of each participant's portfolio and select a limited number of ITS ARTWORK winners.

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ITS Artwork Award

The Prizes

Two prizes will be assigned for ITS ARTWORK:

The ITS ARTWORK Award, established in partnership with Swatch, focused on purely artistic talent, will offer the winner a substantial cash prize, along with the opportunity to showcase a new project at the next edition of ITS.

The Swatch Award is the expression of Swatch’s commitment to supporting young and creative new talents. The winner will be selected by the ITS ARTWORK jury and awarded a six-month remunerated internship at the Swatch Creative Lab in Zurich, along with a cash prize.

The Finals of ITS 2015 will take place July 11, 2015. Up to ten ITS ARTWORK finalists will be invited to Trieste, Italy, to display their art in a dedicated exhibition.  For ITS ARTWORK contest details please visit

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