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New Zealand | FMX Levi Sherwood


Levi Sherwood


22. okt. 1991


New Zealand (New Zealand)


In terms of being new on the scene, Levi is fresh as a meadow, and accordingly he radiates bright-eyed, bloom-of-youth enthusiasm in his personality and performances. The talented freestyler and native New Zealander measures his life according to the metrics of fun and style - and he’s looking for big numbers in both departments. Like any serious Moto X enthusiast, Levi also has the artistic ambition to leave his mark on the sport.


Hyper-extension of tricks, new-school style


Pro Planker

About him

In spite of his youth and exuberance, Levi is actually an experienced Moto Xer, who has been been jumping ramps and thrilling rock arena-sized audiences since the tender age of 12.  The energetic rider was a sharp pupil in the school of Moto X, making sure to observe and learn from the best freestylers out there. As a teen Levi familiarized himself with the potential pitfalls as well as the possibilities for creative and athletic Moto X transcendence--like a keen-eyed apprentice he took what Master Xers had created and fashioned his own, refreshingly next-generation style in response. Levi”s skills, creativity and knowledge made his debut on the international Moto X scene a cinch - he performed in his first contests at top level (1sts at Red Bull X Fighters Moscow and London, 2010) and continues to impress (despite needing time off for injuries). In the two quick years during which he’s dazzled in the limelight, Levi has established a reputation as a rider capable of taking home titles wherever he turns up to compete: he was nominated for Laureus Action Sports Athlete of the Year in 2010, and was named Rookie of the Year in 2009 by Transworld Motorcross Magazine. Levi also makes an appearance in the 2010 film, On the Pipe 6, where his unassailable style can be seen in action.