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July 14, 2014
The winners of the Swatch Club VIP event in Courmayeur (Italy) answer some timely questions.
Barry - Swatch Club Member

Can you describe the watch you are wearing ?

Barry: As I look down to my wrist, I see a time piece that is a daily reminder of my unique individuality while also showing the incredible solidarity that I have with friends around the world who share the same passion for all things Swatch. After joining the Collectors Club, I was quickly introduced to others that shared my passion for a brand that I love. And because of the Club, they are treating me like a V.I.P. by offering me special access to limited edition watches and events that provide lifelong memories and international friendships. Watches are much more than just an item for telling time. 

Alberto - Swatch Club Member

What makes Swatch different from other brands?

Alberto: Innovation associated with popular style but instantly recognizable, artistic creations from the realm of chronometry.

Holger - Swatch Club Member

Your first Swatch ?

Holger: It was summer 1983. I was a German student in love with a Swiss girl. After three years of writing to her, I travelled to Switzerland to meet her again. We had a great time together. I was about to leave when she ran to a kiosk to give me something wonderful made in Switzerland : my first Swatch, a GB103. Time passed and the distance kept us apart. I still have my first watch and my love for Swatch keeps burning. 

Valter - Swatch Club Member

How would you describe the Swatch Club Family ?

Valter: The Swatch Club family can be described in only one way : a United Nations of Swatch — but without the politics. We are a motley crew of earthlings (though some of us might seem a bit alien at times) who have at least one thing in common, namely a sometimes inexplicable love and passion for a specific brand of Swiss-made watches. We come from all parts of the globe and from all walks of life, so when you see us all together at a Club event you might expect to see a clash of cultures — instead you will witness an explosion of emotion, primarily joy and excitement. So fear us not ! We are not a clique with its ranks closed to outsiders. Dare to join us and you will be made welcome in no time. Join us for a Swatchy adventure of a lifetime ! 

Markus - Swatch Club Member

What is your personal claim for the Club ?

Markus: Fascination ! Passion ! Innovation ! Friendship ! Action ! Fun ! And a surprise every time… 




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