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  • Swatch | 10 months ago


    Swatch is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the Swatch Women’s Pro Trestles 2014 (September 9-20, California), the seventh stop on the ASP Women’s World Championship Tour - an elite, 10-event series held around the world to determine the ASP Women’s World Champion. In addition to the Swatch Girls Pro France 2014 (August 20-24, Seignosse-Hossegor), an ASP 6-Star Qualification Series (QS) event now in its fifth year, the announcement reaffirms Swatch’s ongoing support of women’s surfing.

    “We’re delighted to further our involvement in surfing to the World Championship level, and are really excited about extending the reach of our surfing events to North America” Marco Vaccari, Head of Marketing International at Swatch, said. “Women’s surfing continues to push the boundaries of performance, gaining an ever-wider audience, so we’re thrilled to further align our brand values alongside this youthful, progressive, exciting sport.”

    Swatch’s title sponsorship of the event marks yet another milestone for the brand, bringing its involvement to women’s surfing at the highest level - the ASP Women’s World Championship Tour (WCT) - for the first time ever. Trestles, located in San Clemente, California, is widely regarded as one of the finest high-performance surf spots on the planet. As the epicentre of Southern California surfing, the break offers a perfect blank canvas for surfers to showcase their progressive repertoires, and as a new addition to the elite ASP Women’s World Championship Tour, provides another boost to the most exciting era in women's professional surfing ever.

    Southern Californian and reigning two-time Swatch Girls Pro France winner Courtney Conlogue (Swatch Proteam) will no doubt be one of the hot favorites at Trestles, a location she knows so well. “I’m so excited that Swatch is bringing the Trestles event to the WCT,” Conlogue said. “I can’t wait to surf against all the best women surfers in the world at one of my all-time favorite spots, in front of all my friends and family.”

    The inaugural Swatch Girls Pro France was held in Seignosse-Hossegor in 2010, while in 2011, Swatch made history by bringing international professonial surfing to China for the very first time with the Swatch Girls Pro China. In 2014, surf fans will witness the addition of the inaugural Swatch Women's Pro Trestles. Alongside the fifth edition of the Swatch Girls Pro France, the two unmissable events are set to further elevate women’s professional surfing to new heights.

    ASP World Championship Tour

  • Swatch | 1 year ago


    Swatch makes a run for the sun with a brilliant assortment of new models in its Spring - Summer Collection 2014. Arresting interpretations of contemporary trends and fashion themes give rise to eye-popping, exciting designs. The collection begins with the Classic theme, inspired by ideals of enduring elegance and beauty.
    Next up is Pastry Chefs, filled to overflowing with the soft, sweet colors of a candy shop. Summer Classics follows, a luminous theme lit by all sorts of shining, metallic surfaces. Spring then takes a very trendy turn in For the Love of Patterns, a fascinating theme illustrating the explosive diversity of micro-patterns and fabric prints.

    Summer crashes in on the beaches of Islands Galore with a blast of bright colors and exhilarating energy. Finally, just up from the beach, the city’s heating up with Le Swatch Dream Urban, which says you look best in trend-wise camouflage and vibrant, post-modern collages.

    Pastry Chefs Collection
    Classic Collection

  • Swatch | 1 year ago


    Sara Hochuli is a most extraordinary pastry chef and Maître Chocolatier from Zurich (Switzerland). For the Swatch Spring 2014 Collection she has created DREAMCAKE, the spectacular Swatch Pastry Chefs Special.

    What is sweet? Not exactly a taste, it’s more like a sensation, a source of endless and varying pleasures and a universe all its own. The masters of this universe are pastry chefs—artists, magicians, conjurers of secret delights. Switzerland's Sara Hochuli is one of the best, so Swatch turned to Sara for a master class in the art of mixing sweetness and light. She's been baking and making things ever since she was a child, is a trained graphic artist and designer with a passion for all things Japanese. She sells her art in her cafe in Zurich, Les Gourmandises de Miyuko.

    Miyuko is a character Sara invented who lives in a virtual Tokyo with her friends, gives life to the cafe and inspires the making of real, very tasty sweets. She is also the muse who led Sara to create a special treat for Swatch fans. DREAMCAKE, the Swatch Pastry Chefs Special, dreamed up by Sara and made real in collaboration with Swatch, is unmistakably inspired by her love for Japan. It's the color of cherry blossoms in spring, and looks just like a cake from Sara's cafe. It's decorated with a rose bow and cherry blossoms, has a cake knife and a fork to tell time on the dial, and the rose strap features a delicate pink flower on the rose loop.

    Not only does the watch look like one of Sara Hochuli’s cakes, it comes in a Special Packaging that looks like one, too. And for all culinary artists, friends and fans of her work, Sara has included a recipe for one of her cakes. It’s printed on the Special Packaging. Try it—it’s all sweetness and delight.

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  • Swatch | 1 year ago


    January 31st, 2014, brings the first day of the Year of the Horse, and Swatch joins Chinese communities around the world in celebrating Chinese New Year. Horses play a legendary role in Chinese history and culture.
    As one story goes ....

    A long time ago there lived a kind of horse on the vast lands of Eurasia. It is said that this horse is almost 3 meters high, that it has a long neck and looks very tall and sturdy. Apart from his body there are two separate wings with a ring of colorful hair at the edge. When it cranes its neck and utters a long and loud cry, the voice is quite pleasant and powerful. Thus people gradually came to use “the air of this horse” to describe an extraordinarily healthy person and deliver his positive energy.

    The upcoming Chinese New Year festivities will see fantastic and inspiring horses of all kinds as colorful parades wind through the streets. Horses are everywhere in China's art, too, and have inspired the design of the Chinese New Year Special from Swatch, YEAR OF THE HORSE. The design recalls traditional Chinese drawing and calligraphy with its inky black brush strokes and watery grays on white ground, and its dynamic impressions of horses in motion are a fitting tribute to the Year of the Horse.

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  • Swatch | 1 year ago


    SWEET VALENTINE is a heartfelt explosion, a confession, a revelation of how you feel. It's a message with an invitation—try me, taste me, let your love bubble up to the surface. You'll be swept away on a merry-go-round, you and your sweetheart—hang on for the ride!

    SWEET VALENTINE (SUOZ168) is covered with red and white candy cane stripes. Running straight up and down on the strap and the case, they bend to form a heart at the center of the dial. And to make sure your Sweetheart gets the message, there's a transparent, wide-open heart engraved on the inside of the glass. From the heart at the center the stripes run over the case to the strap and on under the bright red loop to the buckle.

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  • Swatch | 1 year ago


    With SISTEM51, Swatch has opened up an exciting new world. The first mechanical movement ever to be made not by hand, but on a fully-automated assembly line, SISTEM51 was presented to an astonished watch industry in April of this year. Now, the first four models are here, and the voyage of discovery can begin!

    There is much to explore in this intriguing new world. Unprecedented technological innovation (17 pending patents) enabled the development, in less than two years, of a self-winding mechanical movement with only 51 components in five modules. SISTEM51 is 100 percent Swiss made and features an exceptional 90 hour power reserve. Hermetically sealed within its case, the 3 Hz movement delivers precise, long-lasting, maintenance-free performance.

    SISTEM51 opens up a universe of beauty, too. The dial side reveals six of the movement's 19 rubies, and from the back one gazes through a transparent oscillating weight into the heart of this fascinating microcosm. Design is a key part of the Swatch DNA, and SISTEM51 extends its reach into the innovative depths of the movement itself. The visible surfaces of the movement's five modules present a new canvas, a new field of creative expression for graphic designers and contemporary artists.

    The first four models set out to discover SISTEM51's expressive potential.

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  • Swatch | 1 year ago

    Swatch captivates with Fall Winter Collection

    Wise to street signals and signs of change, Swatch delivers a wide-ranging array of intriguing new models for its Fall Winter Collection 2013. The new collection explores themes and variations trending now: contemporary colours, patterns, textures and shapes capture culture emerging in the streets. A dazzling retro interlude sees streamlined forms paying homage to the legendary Années Folles. In Urban Expression, writers and artists turn streets into galleries, taking tags, bright freestyle graphics and sharp street wit to the wrist. The art of deception takes a playful turn in Trompe l´Oeil, and for the holiday season, Swatch turns on the glam in black and white for Late Night Glam—sparkling entertainment after hours. All in all, a stylish sampling of the times in more than 90 new models.

  • Swatch | 1 year ago

    Milko Boyarov wins SWATCH AWARD at #ITS_2013

    The winner of the Swatch Award will receive a cash prize of EUR 5,000 and has the opportunity to collaborate with the brand. The prize will be assigned by Swatch evaluating the special project presented.

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  • Swatch | 2 years ago


    March, 2013. The watch that changed the world was born 30 years ago. March 1, 1983, the first 12 models made their debut. Looking back now, they seem unlikely heroes, but events soon revealed their true  identity: they were the avant-garde, the shock troops of a revolution named Swatch. Today, after three decades of sly wit, audacious innovation, playful provocation and inexhaustible joie de vivre, Swatch has every reason to celebrate. Those first 12 watches from 1983 have been followed by millions, and now there is one that brings it all back to mind — the impossible, incredible story of Swatch: SWATCH Est. 1983 (SUOZ161). A New Gent, SWATCH Est. 1983 features a transparent plastic case and strap and a skeleton dial offering a clear view of the movement within. Key components are highlighted in gold; on one, a golden driving wheel, the word CELEBRATE appears twice, in black. And printed in gold on a broad silver band are all those extraordinary years, from 1983 to 2013. Each year brings back memories of one or another fantastic Swatch watch: a POP, Scuba 200, heavy-metal Irony, colourful Gent, seductive Skin or high-tech Touch — not to mention those amazing creations by artists, athletes, fashion designers and — who could possibly forget? — the first Swatch watch you ever owned …!

  • Swatch | 2 years ago


    At the inaugural, thrill-packed Ice Cross Downhill Team Challenge on Friday, November 30, Swiss Ice skaters and Swatch Proteam Members Kilian Braun, Kim Mueller and Jim de Paoli defeated the Kyle Croxall-led International Gladiators on a freezing cold night of action opposite Niagara Falls. Kilian Braun finished 3rd in the individual competition finals on Saturday, December 1 in front of 35,000 enthusiastic spectators. The Swatch Proteam, led by veteran ace Kilian Braun, came out on top in the ferocious battle against the International Gladiators, led by reigning world champion Kyle Croxall of Canada. “The Team Challenge is a new competition and it’s great to be the first team to win it. It’s awesome! For the crowd it’s cool to see six riders on the track at the same time… there are more hits, more battles. It’s a lot of fun!” Kilian Braun In the thrill-packed final on Saturday, Killian Braun battled down the treacherous 460-meter long ice track in front of 35,000 spectators and finished 3rd behind second-year man Cameron Naasz of the United States and defending champion and winner Kyle Croxall from Canada.

  • Swatch | 2 years ago



    Swatch captures all the excitement and fascination of mechanical watch movements with six new Irony Big Automatics: the iconic Swiss watch and jewellery maker makes use of a clear case back and high-contrast colour to render the rotor and movement the focus of attention in the Big Automatic Collection. The 37.4 mm case features a clear case back offering a wide-open view of the automatic movement’s intricate mechanics, and the brightly coloured rotor-in-motion is so captivating it’s almost hypnotic.

    Iconic Swatch design, on-trend colour and a fascinating Swiss made mechanical movement makes the Irony Big Automatic an irresistible way to watch time in motion.

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  • Swatch | 2 years ago

    Irony Chrono Collection


    Timing is everything, as Swiss watch and jewellery maker Swatch well knows. Its latest offering is a trend-smart trio from the always elegant Irony Chrono Collection. The new models embody the brand’s deft touch for design, assured sense of style and instinctive grasp of the latest developments in the global village.

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