Swatch Club Benefits

The Swatch Club offers 4 different membership types: Starter, Premium, Gold, Pioneer. Depending on your Swatch Club membership status you have the opportunity to enjoy our 2015-2016 benefits.

  • Starter
  • Premium
  • Gold
  • Pioneer

Basic Benefits

  • Club card

    As a Swatch Club member you will receive your member card at home, together with your welcome package.

    The card grants you access to many special features that Swatch Club has created for you. Always bring it with you when visiting our stores and attending our events.

    This year‘s card is inspired by THIS IS MY COLLECTOR WORLD (SUOZ202S). Time to let us color your cards!

  • Online features

    Our website will grow with new functionalities created for you and our Club members around the world.

    Personalize your profile online and comment on our event blog. Build your own personalized fan collection and discover our new presentation video created to welcome you in the Swatch Club spirit.

    Take a look at our latest videos and get ready for more fun to arrive soon!

  • Welcome package

    This year's welcome package aims to be part of your Swatch Club anniversary celebration.

    Would you like to know more? Redeem your 12 digit codes now to receive your Welcome package home!


  • Open Events

    We want you to enjoy this Club year at the top. Join us at local happenings linked to sports, art, music, products and store openings—all for free. You will also be invited to special occasions to interact and share the passion and the Swatch Club spirit with other members. Are you ready for the fun?

  • Classic Events

    Experience what a pleasure it is to meet Swatch Club friends at our international events during the year.

    Swatch Club loves to meet you all at our huge Classic events.

    This is why we will continue to organize our annual Xmas Event, giving each year a new touch to help you discover a new Xmas season and tradition.

    For our Classic Events, we normally ask you to contribute up to 30% of the total event costs. This means that if the event costs 100 per person, you will not pay more than 30 to be part of it. All travel costs to and from the event location are excluded.

  • Exclusive Events

    We organize an exclusive event annually only for our Gold and Pioneer members in a special location to welcome our new Gold members and to share special news and information with Swatch Club‘s most supportive collectors. 

    The new Gold members are entitled to participate in the first Gold & Pioneer Event after their election for free. Subsequent events are subject to a participation fee up to 30% of the total event costs. This means that if the event costs 100 per person, you will not pay more than 30 to take part. All the travel costs to and from the event location are excluded.

    As part of our core Swatch Club community, during this event you will receive insights into the future collection and specials as well as the opportunity to access limited edition pieces that are otherwise difficult to purchase.

    A special limited edition, numbered Swatch watch will be included in the event package at the annual Gold & Pioneer Event. Subscribe to our newsletter to be sure that you receive all the event information.

  • Special Limited Events

    Some events are also dedicated to a small group. Special limited events are open to Contest winners or to a limited number of members selected through a lucky draw. Stay tuned with our newsletter and our website so you don‘t miss out on the fun.

    The events may relate to sports, music, art or world discovery and may be open to different statuses, depending on the topic and location.

    The event may be free or subject to a small participation fee. Travel to the event location and back may be included or not, depending on the contest rules.

    Subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you receive all the event information. Don’t miss out on the fun!


  • Second Club Special

    Why have only one Club watch when we can have two?

    Purchasing a THIS IS MY WORLD (SUOZ195) or THIS IS MY COLLECTOR WORLD (SUOZ202S) entitles you to the opportunity to access the Second Club Special before anybody else. This watch, available from September 2015, will be designed by an artist and will be issued in an edition of 2,525 limited and numbered pieces with special packaging.

    Limited watches are subject to availability. We cannot guarantee that every member will be able to purchase every limited-edition Swatch. 

    Stay tuned with our newsletter to get your Second Club watch!

  • Limited Watches

    Would you like to get your hands on the latest limited edition, numbered Swatch Special? With Swatch Club you skip the queues and gain priority access to limited edition, numbered watches available in your country.

    You will be informed by our Swatch Club representative that a new limited edition watch is available and will be given the opportunity for a limited time to pre-book your Swatch Special, which will then be available for you to pick up in your favorite store! Limited watches are subject to availability. We cannot guarantee that every member will be able to purchase each limited Swatch.

    Sometimes collecting can be easy!

  • Online Sales

    If an official Swatch e-store is available in your country, then you can have twice the opportunity to get a Swatch Special.

    Our members have preferential access to limited watches online as well. If you don’t yet have an online profile with Swatch Club, then create one right away. Visit us at to create your online account: all you need to do is insert your name, surname and membership number, set up your username and password and confirm your online subscription through the email you will receive. 


  • News and Product information

    With the Swatch Club newsletter, you receive preferential access to news about Swatch and the Swatch Club world and products. Keep up to date with the latest news by subscribing to our newsletter.

    Based on your status, you can receive Swatch catalogues at home, along with special featured product information that is not available to the general public.

    Be social with us! All our Gold and Pioneer members have exclusive access to the Swatch Club closed group.

  • Dedicated Contact Channel

    The Gold and Pioneer status deserves a special service. This is why we have a dedicated email address for our Gold and Pioneer members. If you are one, you can find the email address in your welcome letter.

  • Event Services

    All our Gold and Pioneer members have priority in the event waiting list. If you are not among the first to subscribe to a Classic event, then you can be sure that you will be among the first on the waiting list!

  • VIP Treatment in selected Swatch Stores

    Are you ready to have a dedicated person to look after you in selected Swatch stores around the world? Always bring your Club member card with you, especially when visiting the following stores and countries.


    Rue du Marché, Geneva – Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich


    Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona – Preciados 26, Madrid


    Marienplatz, Munich


    Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Milano - Via Del Corso, Rome


    Megastore, Avenue des Champs Elysées 104, Paris


    Times Square, New York – Grant & Geary, San Francisco – Lincoln Road 551, Miami Beach


    Oxford Street, London


    The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai – WangFuJing Street, Beijing

    Hong Kong:

    Central Luk Hoi Tong Store


    Shinsaibashi, Osaka – Shibuya, Ginza Boutique, Tokyo

    Stay tuned with our newsletter to be informed when new stores are added to the list!

Family & Friends

  • Bring a guest to club events

    Would you like to bring a guest to a Swatch Club event, but he/she is not entitled to come because he/she does not have the same status as you? Now you can invite a guest to events as long as he/she has joined the Club as a Starter member. Share your Swatch passion with your family and friends, and enable them to experience our events together with you!

  • Gold & Pioneer Exclusive Shopping Night

    For our Gold and Pioneer members, the time for a local Exclusive Shopping Night has come. We will select three members with Gold or Pioneer status to be invited to an Exclusive Shopping Night in their country. Each member will be able to share this unique opportunity with his/her family and friends and bring three people along. The event will only be available in selected countries. You will be contacted if you are selected.

Fun & Playing

  • Open Contests

    Our community does not just meet at events, we also get together online. Stay tuned with our newsletter to stay informed about the current contests, competitions and online games. Prizes range from our precious Gold member status to event participations. Be ready for the fun with Swatch Club!

  • Limited Watch Contests

    Did you miss out on getting a limited edition watch in our store? Now you have the chance to win it! During the year, we will hold various contests to win limited edition watches. Stay tuned with our communications and be ready to show your creativity. The next contest will be online soon!

  • Special Event Contests

    Show us your creativity and win free entry to your next Swatch Club event. Some of you already won free entry to a Club event: who will be the next?

    The travel costs to and from the event location will be at your expense, unless otherwise mentioned in the terms and conditions of the Special Event Contest.

    Subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you receive all the contest information. Don’t miss out on the fun!