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  • Swatch | 2 days ago


    New Swatch Touch Zero One combines design & cool new Beach Volley functions for players and fans – Step Counter, Power Hits and Power Claps. Dig the fun, track the action & collect your reward...

    Beach Volleyball is played all over the world, on beaches and in stadiums filled with huge crowds stomping their feet and clapping their hands as the action kicks up thrills and chills. Swatch and Beach Volley go way back – and now there’s a new Swatch Touch that makes the game even more exciting!

    Swatch Touch Zero One takes the already popular Swatch Touch one step further, adding great new functions to pump up the excitement for both players and fans. It has all the Touch features that already make it so successful, from the curved touchscreen and built-in backlight to finger-tap and side-swipe access to six timing functions.

    On top of all that, Swatch Touch Zero One is a touchscreen Swatch with finger-fun access to multiple Beach Volley functions right on the Swatch, and tons more information when connected to the free Touch Zero One App. Swiss Made, it's a Swatch, so there's no need to charge it up every night—the standard Swatch battery lasts for months and months.

    Even before it's hooked up to the App, three Beach Volley functions are right at your fingertips on the touchscreen display.

  • Swatch | 16 days ago


    This year, Swatch took some time to study abroad, but this too-cool-for-school brand majored in culture, art, fashion and fun and skipped the lecture halls. The street-beat styles of the Fall-Winter Collection 2015 are loud and exotic, each moving to the tick of its own movement; these bright and bouncy time-keepers make a statement about the beautiful things that can be created when the cultures of the world are combined!

    Modern with a clean-cut fashion sense, sleek Tech-Mode is creatively ma-chined and is a tad more serious with stealth style and contemporary pa-nache. If Tech-Mode is understated then Sport Mixer is quite the opposite, grabbing attention left and right with go-getter color blocks that steal the limelight. Playful patterns and lively mojo make Exotic Charm something worth meditating about. Bold Street Energy lets your wrist do the talking with not-so-secret messages that are exceptionally expressive. Après-Ski is preppy and posh on and off the slopes and its winter-themed glam is the stuff of holiday dreams. Grüezi All! lets you Swiss your wrist and proves that life’s greatest pleasures start with CH – chocolate, cheese and chalets.

  • tumblr | 19 days ago


    The jury’s challenging task was to choose the winners of two awards: the ITSARTWORK 2015 Award in partnership with Swatch, and the Swatch Award. As it happened, the jury members were so impressed with the quality of the finalists’ work that they decided—on the spot in Trieste this weekend—to add a third award! #itscontest

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