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  • tumblr | 18 weeks ago


    Patterns take their inspiration from the allure of optical illusions. High-Lands Mix takes a stand against the ordinary and proves that a walk on the wild side needs a good accessory. Cozy patterns give cool a new name with headturning style that boldly proclaims winter has arrived.  Discover more about the collection -

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  • tumblr | 24 weeks ago


    Inspired by a rainbow’s extended playlist of light and color, these playful wristwatches are soaked in vibrancy and are known to work hard but play harder. Discover the A World in Colors collection here -

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  • tumblr | 28 weeks ago


    At the International Talent Support event that took place in Trieste, Italy this weekend, ten ITS ARTWORK finalists representing six countries presented their Swatch-inspired creations to an eclectic panel of jury members. Following an energetic and crowd-pleasing fashion show through the centre of the ITS venue, winners of each category were declared.

    Virginia Burlina from Italy was announced as the first ITS ARTWORK award-winner. 

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  • tumblr | 28 weeks ago

    Excitement builds in the run-up to the International Talent Support – ITS 2014 – event as Swatch reveals the names of its jury member.

    The Swiss watch brand ramped up its involvement in the ITS event this year by creating a new category that challenges young designers and artists to present the brand as seen from their own eyes. 

    Eight outstanding creative minds have been tasked with determining the ultimate Swatch visionary. The international jury members are:

    • Post-modern pop star Mika and his sister Yasmine Penniman, born in Beirut and raised in Paris and London, have been creating artwork and designing together for the past eleven years. In 2013, they created an eye-catching Swatch Art Special that has become a favorite of Swatch fans around the world. 

    • Gianluigi Colin is both an artist and the art director of “Corriere della Sera”. He lives and works in Milan and for many years has been involved in artistic research focused on the connection between images and word.

    • Sebastian Fischenich, born in Germany and now living in Switzerland, earned his diploma in design at the University of the Arts in Berlin after studying product and fashion design in Berlin and Utrecht, NL. In 2008, he created his own perfume brand, Humiecki & Graef, which he co-owns and supports as creative director. 

    •  Eva & Adele are contemporary artists based in Berlin whose work is exhibited in galleries and museums in Europe and around the globe. They claim to have landed their time machines in Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Wherever they are is a museum.

    • Juri Steiner is a Swiss curator who is incredibly active in the worlds of literature and the arts. He served as director of the Paul Klee Center in Bern for several years and was responsible for the re-launch of the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich.

    • Maria Eugenia Alberti from Spain is the publisher of Joyce Magazine, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2015. She had previously been the first director of Vogue Spain and for 14 years she served as the director of Dunia’s Magazine, which played an important role for women in Spain in the late 1970s.

    • Carlo Giordanetti was named Creative Director of Swatch Ltd. in October 2012, responsible for a unified brand identity across product, communications and store design. 

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  • tumblr | 51 weeks ago

    DREAMCAKE is a confectioner’s dream! Made especially for Swatch in collaboration with fabulous pastry chef Sara Hochuli, this delicate watch with a rose bow and cherry blossom motif looks every bit as good as one of her delectable cakes. Paying homage to Sara’s love of all things Japanese, this stylish watch will inject a dose of sunshine and fun into your day!

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  • tumblr | 53 weeks ago

    SWEET VALENTINE is a heartfelt explosion, a confession, a revelation of how you feel. It’s a message with an invitation—try me, taste me, let your love bubble up to the surface. You’ll be swept away on a merry-go-round, you and your sweetheart—hang on for the ride! 

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  • tumblr | 57 weeks ago

    The #Swatch NIGHT LACE and PROHIBITION. Discover all our fashionable collection of Swatch watches here :

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  • tumblr | 59 weeks ago

    Picture this: one cold winter morning you wake up, throw back the curtains, and … snow! Big fluffy snowflakes have covered everything in sight with a lovely, soft white blanket. It’s unbelievably beautiful. And look! Over there, under the trees, reindeer! And there, a row of round snowmen in woolly hats. Now all that’s missing is … a way to share your excitement.

    Not worry. Inspired by the woolies that winter demands and that are so very fashionable these days, Swatch has created an enchanting and beautiful holiday companion. Discover the RED KNIT.

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  • tumblr | 61 weeks ago

    Like Swatch itself, Mika turned 30 this year. Born in Beirut and raised in Paris and London, he shares with Swatch a commitment to creative diversity that appeals to audiences all over the world. The new Swatch Art Specials were designed by Mika and his sister Yasmine, who have been creating artworks and designing together for the past ten years. Working from their London studio, the Swatch project has been their design priority for the last 12 months.

    Mika’s two timepieces feature a simple, bold pattern on the strap, with an image suggesting a traditional African tribal mask on each dial. “The patterns are a mix of designs that can be found in Tunisian, Moroccan, other African and Oceanic tribal motifs,” said Mika. “The tribal mask heads are a mix of sources; it’s difficult to pinpoint what they might be. But it doesn’t really matter, because they have the same function – they’re there to inspire curiosity and awe. That was one of the main parts of our idea. We wanted the object to feel a little bit mystical.” 

    Discover the two Art specials:

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  • tumblr | 63 weeks ago

    Swatch Faces is the fun new app from Swatch. Take a photo of your face and move three arrows to sample the colours. The app searches the current Swatch collections and the iconic products for the one Swatch watch that matches you best! You can then share it with your friends and discover all pictures on Get the app:

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  • tumblr | 64 weeks ago

    “Trompe l’oeil” turns heads. This art demands a double-take, a second look that belies the first glance and rewards the viewer with a smile. Discover the collection:

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  • tumblr | 65 weeks ago

    The Swatch SUCCESS WAY -

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  • tumblr | 68 weeks ago

    Swatch has created a tribute to the power of youth and the urban imagination: GENERATION 27.

    Why 27? It’s a versatile number. To begin with, Street legend speaks of an exclusive «27 Club» whose rock-star members all passed away at the age of 27. Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse are among the most famous …

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  • tumblr | 69 weeks ago


    August 1985. ‘Made by Swatch. The new wave in Swiss watches and timely accessories.’

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  • tumblr | 70 weeks ago

    Size matters, but style makes the difference - Check out The Irony Chrono collection:

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  • tumblr | 71 weeks ago

    Inspired by colorful, expressive artwork often found on the streets of the world’s most loved cities, the Swatch Fall Winter “Urban Expression Collection” illustrates Swatch’s passion for street culture & style.

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  • tumblr | 72 weeks ago

    The Swatch Once Again VS Twice Again. Does size matters when it comes to style? 

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