Markus Eder






Lutago‎ (Italy)‎


Markus always has a great big smile on his face and he’s always running around doing something (never a dull moment!). And skiing, of course, is a great way to keep a hyperactive pro like Markus busy...


He’s a very dedicated good all-round skier, but has mostly skied park. A very promising Big Mountain talent.


Even if it’s definitely not his main talent, he’s a passionate skateboarder. He also loves to play basketball and to go climbing with his friends!

About him

Markus comes from a very small town in the northern part of the Italian Alps. Even as child his greatest passion was skiing. He started when he was three years old and it wasn’t long before he began competing in races. He soon discovered that racing didn’t give him the space and freedom he needs, and before long he’d launched his freeski career. His talent was obvious right from the start and took him straight to the top of the international scene. Markus has a clear drive to ski, but he never likes to limit his choices. He’s always looking to be more than just a park skier or a freerider. He loves to mix it up, to find new challenges and new ways to read the mountains. His wide-open approach to skiing and enormous talent allow him to keep on pushing, to take skiing to the next level.