After Sales

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First of all check the battery as it might need to be replaced. The normal life expectancy of a battery is two/three years although use of a Chrono/Loomi function will shorten this depending on use. A replacement battery may be obtained via the contact details below and replacement instructions are also outlined within these FAQs If it is not the battery, you can either take it to a Swatch Store or send it directly to a Service Center with either a copy of your receipt or a stamped guarantee.
The watch can be sent to your nearest Swatch official Service Center. You can find a list of all Swatch Service Centers on the link Service Center, that you find on the left menu bar of this page. 

For security reasons we recommend that you do not mark the outside of your parcel with the Swatch brand name.

Please remember to enclose a covering letter stating exactly what you would like done. You should also include your contact details.