Product Details





Art 1991 Spring Summer



Strap material

Plastic Folio

Case material



Water-resistance: 3 Bar

Case dimension

Ø: 34,00 mm
L: 8,75 mm
H: 39,20 mm

Product Description

As fluid and evanescent as time itself, Silvie and Chérif Defraoui’s Horizon (GZ118) is a watery, flowing creation, printed with mysterious, inky gestalts that emerge from fields of cerulean and midnight blue. Like images assembling themselves from Rorschach blots, these beautiful forms are undetermined, undefined, and as open for interpretation as animal shapes discovered in the clouds. Depths and shallows, whole worlds and oceans of colour and time are contained in a work whose pen-and-ink elegance remains a mystery. A luminous, intellectual timepiece from the avant-garde of contemporary art. 

Artist Biography

Silvie and Chérif Defraoui

Swiss artists Silvie and Chérif Defraoui are considered major figures in the world of contemporary art. As a team they worked in experimental video, photography, and installation art. Interested in form and formlessness, they used avant-garde and developing media to reference the ideas and mechanisms of memory. In recent years Sylvie has continued to explore the ambiguities of images in the “archives of the future”. She taught for many years at the School of Fine Arts in Geneva and has been recognized with a number of prestigious awards.