Xtreme Verbier 2014

On March 22nd 2014 a Swiss Club Event was held at the Swatch Xtreme Verbier even though the pro competition didn’t take place because of bad weather. Good moments were shared together with the Swatch Proteam athletes on the new Swatch Booth.


Verbier, Switzerland

  • 23 weeks ago

    Swatch Xtreme Verbier

    Would you like to see more about this event? Look at the video and enjoy a unique Swatch experience in Verbier, Switzerland.

  • 23 weeks ago

    Photo Gallery

    • http://www.swatch.com/var/storage/images/media/images/swatch_xtreme1/250188-1-eng-INT/Swatch_Xtreme1_club_event_blog_post.jpg?v3
    • http://www.swatch.com/var/storage/images/media/images/swatch_xtreme2/250192-1-eng-INT/Swatch_Xtreme2_club_event_blog_post.jpg?v3
    • http://www.swatch.com/var/storage/images/media/images/swatch_xtreme3/250196-1-eng-INT/Swatch_Xtreme3_club_event_blog_post.jpg?v3
    • http://www.swatch.com/var/storage/images/media/images/swatch_xtreme4/250200-1-eng-INT/Swatch_Xtreme4_club_event_blog_post.jpg?v3
    • http://www.swatch.com/var/storage/images/media/images/swatch_xtreme5/250204-1-eng-INT/Swatch_Xtreme5_club_event_blog_post.jpg?v3
    • http://www.swatch.com/var/storage/images/media/images/swatch_xtreme6/250208-1-eng-INT/Swatch_Xtreme6_club_event_blog_post.jpg?v3
    • http://www.swatch.com/var/storage/images/media/images/swatch_xtreme7/250212-1-eng-INT/Swatch_Xtreme7_club_event_blog_post.jpg?v3
    • http://www.swatch.com/var/storage/images/media/images/swatch_xtreme8/250216-1-eng-INT/Swatch_Xtreme8_club_event_blog_post.jpg?v3
    • http://www.swatch.com/var/storage/images/media/images/swatch_xtreme9/250220-1-eng-INT/Swatch_Xtreme9_club_event_blog_post.jpg?v3
    • http://www.swatch.com/var/storage/images/media/images/swatch_xtreme10/250224-1-eng-INT/Swatch_Xtreme10_club_event_blog_post.jpg?v3
    • http://www.swatch.com/var/storage/images/media/images/swatch_xtreme11/250228-1-eng-INT/Swatch_Xtreme11_club_event_blog_post.jpg?v3
  • 23 weeks ago

    Welcome to Verbier!

    The club members arrived at the top of the mountain. Bad luck with the weather but the Freeride spirit remains.

  • 23 weeks ago

    So tasty

    The club members queueing for the famous raclette.

  • 23 weeks ago

    Pro for a day

    Time to be a pro athlete!

  • 23 weeks ago

    Good memories

    And capture this unique moment.

  • 23 weeks ago

    Funny snapshots

    Swatch crazy photo booth souvenir.

  • 23 weeks ago

    Proteam smiles

    Swatch Proteam Xavier De le Rue & Estelle Balet enjoying the aperitif.

  • 23 weeks ago

    Meeting the idols

    Swatch Proteam Sam Anthamatten & Estelle Balet at work for the Swatch Club members.

  • 23 weeks ago

    Allow me!

    How about the youngest club member signing an autograph for Sam Anthamatten

  • 23 weeks ago

    Say Swaaatch!

    It’s all about sharing good moments!