Swatch net.hunt

The Swatch chase through web and time

The time has come: Swatch net.hunt is on! Accept the challenge and get ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey! Form an international team, follow us into the depths of the World Wide Web, race against time and discover the latest watch to collect: the Swatch designed by Mika!

Will you and your team be fast enough to be the first net.hunters to solve the Web’s ten most intense puzzles over the Web’s ten most thrilling days? Can you outwit your opponents chasing you and the codes? Are you prepared to rush through the Web and beat time?

Think you can handle it? Then become part of our Swatch Club community. Hunt the next special watch, find new friends around the world and experience the fun, passion and lifestyle that make Swatch what it is.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Time is ticking away – don’t miss a beat! Click on the button below and start your Swatch net.hunt!

Join net.hunt

How to net.hunt

Be smart and beat time

step 1
Register to join Swatch Club and form a net.hunt team. Each team must have three members from different countries. The competition’s official language is English.
step 2
Be ready to solve the first puzzle on October 27th @400 .beats (Internet Time, measurement by Swatch). Within 1000 .beats, you have to find the puzzle’s code – the faster you are, the more points your team is awarded. Every day the puzzle starts at the same time. Only exception is the last puzzle, which will start @700 .beats on November, 5th.
step 3
Once you’ve solved the puzzle, log in to your net.hunt page and enter the code. If you can’t solve it right away, we’ll help you with another hint. And don’t despair if you’re not first – there’s a new puzzle every day, and a new chance to beat the competition!
step 4
After entering the code, a piece of the split watch changes its color and your team is awarded points. After collecting the ten pieces, you could be among the first to discover the new watch designed by Mika!
step 5
The team collecting the most points wins. Check out the prizes awaiting you after this incredible hunt!

Good luck to all of you net.hunters out there!

This international microsite is available in english only.