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  • All puzzles – all solutions.

How many did you get right?

After ten days of challenges and fun using your detective skills, Swatch net.hunt has reached its end. For those who didn’t solve every puzzle, we’ve put together an overview with all puzzles and all solutions – there you go!

Puzzle #1 – The Picture Puzzle

The key is the hands of Sant Bartomeu I Santa Tecla church’s clock. The time displayed is 10 o’clock, leading to the solution: 1000

Puzzle #2 – The Reading Puzzle

We were looking for the barcode of the Time Magazine issued in April 2010. You could find it on the magazine cover. The solution: 9771064030005

Puzzle #3 – The Window Puzzle

The given hints lead towards the famous Abbey Road crossing in London, where on the day of the puzzle four persons crossed the street every 30 minutes, presenting the year of the Swatch Abbey Road promotional campaign – which is this puzzle solution: 2008

Puzzle #4 – The Surf Puzzle

Your task was to find the Swatch Internet Time website created for net.hunt: This page showed the question to be answered: how many seconds are one Swatch .beat? The answer is 86.4, making the solution: 864

Puzzle #5 – The Patience Puzzle

This puzzle is all about the “Pitch Drop Experiment”. The solution to its mystery is the year the experiment was started: 1927

Puzzle #6 – The Blurry Puzzle

Different time zones are this puzzle’s theme. The first picture shows the Zytglogge in Bern, Switzerland, which is one hour ahead of Universal Time, so +1 UTC. The second one is Torre del Reloj in Cartagena, Colombia, which is -5 UTC.  The third one is the Sapporo Clock Tower in Japan, +9 UTC. The last picture shows Spasskaya in Moscow, Russia, which is +4 UTC. Combining the four figures leads to the puzzle’s solution: 1594

Puzzle #7 – The Eternally Long Puzzle

This puzzle is about “ORGAN2/ASLSP”, the longest song in the world played in the slowest speed possible. The solution is the date of the next note, September 5th, 2020: 09052020

Puzzle #8 – The Name Puzzle

The key to this puzzle’s solution is the island formerly known as Christmas Island. Since changing its time zone and name in 1995, the new year starts first here. The puzzle solution was the island’s former name: kiritimati

Puzzle #9 – The Tougher Picture Puzzle

This puzzle sent you looking for a sun clock in Lithuania, the reason why the first hint was in Lithuanian. The clock’s GPS coordinates (55.294988,20.990624) are the path to the solution. The last two decimals may vary from user to user, so they are not relevant for the code to be entered, the solution is: 552949xx209906xx

Puzzle #10 – The Final Puzzle

To solve this puzzle, the net.hunter’s computer’s clock had to be set back to April 1st, 1996. By doing so, the net.hunt website’s design morphed back to that of the first net.hunt in 1996. The final question asked for the amount of days that have passed since the first net.hunt – the answer: 6427

We hope you had a great time during the Swatch net.hunt – thanks so much for being part of it!

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