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  • And the winner is…

“Quartz or Automatic?” goes for gold!

The team of „Quartz or Automatic?” has been leading the highscore list for quite some time and can now mount rank 1 on the Swatch net.hunt podium. With an amazing score of 9303 points they clearly are the best net.hunters 2013 with 111 points ahead of rank 2. Congratulations to Russia, Vietnam and Canada!

“Origin of Love” is taking the silver medal, collecting 9192 points on rank 2. Congrats to this team from northern Europe!

With only 9 points difference “Drinks, Anyone?” come in third. Best wishes to Singapore, Austria and Portugal!

Go and check the highscore list of the top net.hunters in order to see the rest of the top ten teams. Stay tuned for more information about the winning teams and don’t forget: You still have the chance to win the special challenge by designing your team’s net.hunt story. Check the news beats for details about the special challenge!

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