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  • In A Blink Of An Eye’s net.hunt story

A pair of headphones for the team who made us hunting for their story

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started.... “Wait, there’s eleven digits in 14,000,000,000! That can’t be the answer,” was our thought when we started reading the lyrics of The Big Bang Theory theme song in order to find an answer to puzzle number five: the ‘when it all started’ question. And we were right, a simple 1927 was sufficient enough to crack the code in the end.

That wasn’t the only wrong lead that we took during this brain-breaking, time-consuming and nerve-racking Swatch Net.hunt competition. Wandering through the Bacardi website in order to find some clues about a hand statue, reading all the articles on the Time magazine website, watching a webcam but looking away a moment too soon because a team-member comes up with another genius idea, using a search engine instead of typing the answer in the browser right away, not knowing how many seconds fit in a minute due to stress, looking for amphitheatres around the world for almost three hours... If jumping to conclusions and over-thinking was an Olympic sport, then our team would have gone home with a medal, that’s for sure!

Swatch has driven us (and according to the Abbey Road story, themselves too) crazy for ten days! Overnight quests, missed bus stops, and a lunch forgotten at home; it was all part of the game for us. Why did we do this? Well, in the beginning we were mutually driven by the thought of having a meet and greet with the amazing and loveable artist MIKA. It would have been such an immense honour for us to meet this very talented singer and designer!  This motivation vanished like frost under the morning sun when it became clear that our team hadn’t the slightest chance of becoming the best Swatch Net-hunters. But did it affect our willingness to continue in this competition?

Not at all!  Swatch obviously put a lot of effort into this well thought-out competition and it was a privilege to be part of it; a global competition where different capacities, skills and logical reasoning are tested; a challenge to unravel all the puzzles and to learn about time-related subjects we had never heard of. The world was just down at our feet, and it tickled! Moreover, the Swatch Net.hunt adventure brought us friendship. Solving like mad with two strangers from different countries?  It sounded like an absurd idea in the beginning, but what we didn’t realise is that it also creates a bond. Every time that we cracked a code by working together, we were so proud. Each “Great job, you’ve unlocked a piece of the new Swatch watch designed by Mika” made us all feel warm and fuzzy inside, like we swallowed a puppy! Even a virtual congratulatory hug could speed up our heartbeats. We had so much fun during this competition, not only with our own team but also with members of other teams.  After the last puzzle ended and our rank was set, we were saddened by not getting to meet each other almost as much as not getting to meet Mika.

Now we know that Swatch Net.hunt is like travelling without anything and just seeing what you come back with!

Lots of love,

The In A Blink Of An Eye Team, signed up as #84

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