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  • Presenting one of the Special Challenge's winner

Congratulations to "Team #33"

The net.hunt experience must have been quite an inspiring one, given the great Special Challenge entries we have received. Time to present another winning artwork and their creators: the Swatch headphones go to "Team #33" - congrats!

Thanks to all the net.hunters submitting their creations illustrating and celebrating their net.hunt experience! With so many great designs, drawings and sketches to choose from, it was really hard to pick the winners. Have a look at the entry of Lowell, Marion and Eugenio from "Team #33"!

This is their statement about their net.hunt masterpiece: "Here's the artwork we made to celebrate our Swatch net.hunt journey. It was hard but we enjoyed every moment of it, especially the ones we put together in this picture."

We're very happy to hear how much you liked your chase through web and time, even though it was a tough one. Now you can keep enjoying it - with your brand-new Swatch headphones.

Congratulations again and another big "thank you" to all participants!

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