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  • The Space Puzzle is solved

And the winners are…

The hints were few, but of course that couldn’t stop all you premier mystery hunters from solving the Space Puzzle. We were looking for a six-character alphanumeric-code. Something about a Big Ear and an outer space signal 36 years ago? That Big Ear wasn’t part of a giant’s head, but the radio telescope located at the Ohio State University Radio Observatory. On August 15th, 1977, a strong narrowband radio signal was recorded. With its intensity and duration of 72 seconds, it was unlike any signal ever recorded before – or after. Jerry R. Ehman, the man in charge of the operation, believed to be the first witness of an interstellar signal – he was so thrilled he wrote “Wow!” on the computer printout next to it. This signal in the red circle is the solution to our Space Puzzle: 6ECUJ5

Up until today, it’s unclear where that signal came from and what it meant. Maybe it was a group of time traveling aliens wanting to know how to get their hands on the Mika 4 Swatch limited edition. Now it’s even harder to get them, as three more watches from this edition have new owners. Compliments to Paula, German and Luca for their travel to the space and for gaining a rare Christmas gift!

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