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Introducing the new Mika 4 Swatch watches.

The long line of artists contributing to Swatch Art Specials has a new addition. This time, singer and pop star Mika devoted his creative energy to bring forth the latest Swatch masterpieces. With the limited edition KUKULAKUKI and KUKULAKUKU, Mika joins artists such as Keith Haring, Kiki Picasso and Moby, to name just a few.

Born in Beirut and raised in Paris and London, Mika’s life has always been influenced by the most different of inspirations. This creative diversity is found in his music just as much as in the new watches, which he designed side by side with his sister Yasmine, his design partner for the past ten years. During the last twelve months, the two of them focused on creating unique watches that meet both Swatch and their own high standards.

As Mika tells us, his creations always begin with a story. For this project, he imagined a totem appearing on an unknown planet. The inhabitants are at first puzzled by the strange object. This feeling evolves into fear, then into admiration, as the totem becomes a sacred object they worship. However, in the end this God-like figure fails to answer their prayers and is chopped down. All that remains of the totem is the watch itself.

This background story inspired both the names and the design of KUKULAKUKI and KUKULAKUKU. They feature a simple, bold pattern on the strap, with images resembling traditional African masks on each dial. “The patterns are a mix of designs that can be found in Tunisian, Moroccan, other African and Oceanic tribal motifs,” Mika explains. “The tribal mask heads are a mix of sources; it’s difficult to pinpoint what they might be. But it doesn’t really matter, because they have the same function – they’re there to inspire curiosity and awe. That was one of the main parts of our idea. We wanted the object to feel a little bit mystical.” This theme is continued in the packaging of the limited edition KUKULAKUKI, which is an actual mask. “This display mask is not just a box that you open up,” Mika says, “it’s an object meant to intrigue.”

So, are you intrigued, dear net.hunters? Head to a Swatch store and get your own KUKULAKUKU and KUKULAKUKI!

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