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  • Why Isn’t Abbey Road in Switzerland?

Puzzle number 2 is released: Stars on Stripes. Our team The Penguins (Filippo, Andreas and Brian), brainstorm about the clues. Almost immediately we understood this was Stars ON Stripes and not Stars AND Stripes. This was an important clue....

Could “stars” mean celebrities on the Hollywood Walk of Fame”? How about the Dutch manufacturer having a “Stars on Stripes” carpet show? Maybe the Stars on Strips football board game from 1941?

We seemed to be getting nowhere and the beats were counting down. Filippo wisely reminded us that we needed to start again from the beginning.

Flags! That must be it. Filippo was the first to discover that the flag of the southernmost canton in Switzerland – Valais/Wallis – has stars on a striped background. Swatch had released a great set of Swatches honoring the various cantons in Switzerland. We were on to something (or so we thought).

We spent a lot of time looking at everything related to Valais – Michelin-starred restaurants, information on tourist sites, train schedules, Sion, photos of windows on the Glacier Express, etc. Brian even noticed all of the webcams that were available in this area, many of which are focused on the Matterhorn. Brian alerted the team that the webcams had various times when they refreshed their images. We just had to find a webcam that refreshed every 30 minutes. That had to be the solution!

After many more beats had passed, we realized we were not finding the solution. As they say, back to the drawing board!

Of course, we now all know that the clue had nothing to do with a flag or even Switzerland. At times we had solved parts of the puzzle. The “stars” were celebrities. A webcam was involved. Now, if Abbey Road had just been in southern Switzerland our team would have earned more points for this puzzle.

The Penguins only earned 812 points for this puzzle – one of our lowest scores for a puzzle. We did learn a lot about how to interpret the clues and we learned even more about southern Switzerland. Maybe someday the team can meet for a drink in Zermatt, laugh about our incorrect searches, and listen to The Beatles Abbey Road.

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