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  • And it goes on: the Space Puzzle

Grab your chance to win a limited Mika 4 Swatch watch

The ten puzzles of the Swatch net.hunt are solved and the champions are crowned. But now there’s another chance to enjoy mystery solving fun and win an awesome prize – don’t miss it!

A chance to win a Swatch limited edition is something a true Swatch fan would never miss out on. These rare gems are highly sought after by aficionados all around the world, making them treasures worth cherishing. Now you can grab that chance and make the new limited edition Swatch designed by pop star Mika yours – with the Space Puzzle!

Become a premium member now and participate in this exclusive raffle! All it takes to upgrade your Swatch Club membership is your own key, which comes with every Club watch. You’ll definitely enjoy the many great features of the Premium membership – and maybe you’ll win the new, limited Mika 4 Swatch watch!

Just go to your Swatch Club profile page and follow the link to the Space Puzzle. If you’re not a member of Swatch Club yet, go to the link “Club” on top of this page and register now!

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