Swatch is the main partner of la Biennale Arte 2015, the world’s most prestigious exhibition of contemporary art. The 56th edition opened May 9, 2015 under the title “All the World’s Futures" and runs through November 22, 2015. Swatch and la Biennale Arte 2015 are working together to support art and artists. Swatch is present at la Biennale Arte 2015 in venues, both Giardini and Arsenale, with a wide range of activities featuring art and artists under the theme SWATCH FACES 2015.

Swatch Artists at Biennale Arte

During the Biennale Arte 2015, international artists from a broad range of disciplines will exhibit their work at Swatch Faces 2015 – Pavilion at Arsenale Nord and Swatch Faces 2015 – Pavilion at Giardini. From presenting their Swatch Art Special, making live art, inviting visitors to an enchanted place or seducing them with sound and projections – the Swatch artists at Biennale Arte 2015 offer a constantly changing, always surprising Swatch & Art experience.

  • Cecilia


    Cecilia Jansson
  • Cristina


    Cristina Ohlmer
  • Alexander


    Alexander Oleksyn
  • Pedro


  • Salome Mc


    Salome Mc
  • Benedikt


    Benedikt Partenheimer
  • Cyril


    Cyril Calmiche
  • Jenny Krasner


    Jenny Krasner
  • Ayako


    Ayako Rokkaku
  • Chloé Berthaudin


    Chloé Berthaudin
  • Gitta Gsell


    Gitta Gsell
  • A.J. Gailla


    A.J. Gailla
  • Tom de Peyret


    Tom de Peyret
  • Eva Borner


    Eva Borner
  • Dominique Othenin-Girard


    Dominique Othenin-Girard
  • Andrea L. Scartazzini


    Andrea L. Scartazzini
  • Géraldine Renggli


    Géraldine Renggli
  • Fan Ye

    1982, China

    Fan Ye
  • Zhu Ye

    1977, China

    Zhu Ye
  • ‘dobrar

    1982, Portugal
    1978, Portugal

  • Aniwar Mamat

    1962, China

    Aniwar Mamat
  • Dot.Consla Company

    1983, Hungary
    1979, Italy
    1984, France

    Dot.Consla Company
  • Tanz­compagnie Rubato

    1954, Germany
    1955, Germany

    Tanz­compagnie Rubato
  • Feng Lianghong

    1962, USA

    Feng Lianghong
  • Luca Bray

    1971, Italy

    Luca Bray
  • Son Kwang-Ju

    1970, South Korea

    Son Kwang-Ju
  • Xepo W.S.

    1980, Spain

    Xepo W.S.
  • Yan Wang Preston

    1976, UK

    Yan Wang Preston
  • Wang Xin

    1983, China

    Wang Xin
  • Alec Von Bargen

    1972, USA

    Alec Von Bargen
  • Chiara Luzzana

    1980, Italy

    Chiara Luzzana

We asked the world

During la Biennale Arte, thematic questions are posted together with a request for textual and visual responses. The most interesting answers are presented here below.

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Giardino dell'Eden by Joana Vasconcelos

Swatch is delighted to present a very special exhibit created by one of the best contemporary artists; Joana Vasconcelos, renowned for her extraordinarily engaging installations.

Giardino dell'Eden
Giardino dell'Eden by Joana Vasconcelos

Swatch at Biennale Arte 2015

Swatch can be found a different locations at the Biennale Arte 2015: The Swatch Faces 2015 – Pavilion at Arsenale and the Swatch Faces 2015 – Pavilion at Giardini. Click on the map below for more details.


At the Arsenale Nord Swatch presents an extensive exhibition, ART FROM THE WORLD, highlighting the company’s creative collaboration with contemporary artists.



Swatch is delighted to present a very special exhibit created by one of the best contemporary artists; Joana Vasconcelos, renowned for her extraordinarily engaging installations.


The Swatch Art Peace Hotel

Since it opened three years ago, more than 150 artists from more than 39 countries have come to Shanghai to live and make art in The Swatch Art Peace Hotel.
A unique place for contemporary art in China’s most vibrant and fascinating city.

Swatch Art Peace Hotel
The Swatch Art Peace Hotel

Swatch Art Specials

Inspired by embroidery, Sigrid Calon’s designs often begin with the horizontal and diagonal lines of perforated cardboard. She applies a simple set of rules to generate colorful grids and patterns and uses gradients available in risographic printing, a stencil-print technique, to add depth and volume.

The official Event Watch

Swatch has created a special watch for Biennale Arte 2015. The Biennale Arte 2015 watch is a striking black and white Gent called ALL THE WORLD'S FUTURES (GB743I), which is the theme of the 56th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia. It will be available in selected stores in Italy during the exhibition period.

Swatch Faces: Find your Match

Swatch Faces is the fun new app from Swatch. Take a photo of yourself face and move three color-samplers to different areas of the portrait. Each color combination matches a different Swatch watch, chosen from the current collections and a selection of the brand's iconic models. It’s a great way to get to know the latest Swatch collections, or to show that one's face is the ideal match-up to a famous Swatch Art Special!

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