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Jim de Paoli




Geneva (CH)

About him

Jim was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, and still lives in the city. At the age of two (!!) he began playing tennis, and went on playing the game until, at age 14, he stepped onto the ice to play hockey.

Today he says that it wasn’t so much the technical skills he learned in hockey as the speed at which things happen on ice that really helped him over the years. He still plays ice hockey four or five times a week.

In 2008 he participated in the first Ice Cross Downhill race in Davos, Switzerland.

By 2010 the sport had its own world championship, and just a year later, in Munich, Jim came in 6th, his first good result. Spurred on by this achievement, he promised himself that day that he would do anything and everything necessary to be successful in this new sport.


When he’s not on the ice, he likes to capture, edit and share what other people do.

Going out there and being creative is a good way to think about something else.


Jim is a strong believer in hard work. For him, success is a matter of motivation - no matter what people think or say, it depends on you, and on how badly you want to be successful.

Jim also likes to learn from others and enjoys being surrounded by other talented athletes - “it’s a great source of motivation”.