Kaj Zackrisson




Rättvik, Oslo, Chamonix

About him

The eminently likable Kaj is a skiers’ skier, with a devotion to the art of speedy, elegant freeriding that nabbed him such titles as 2nd at the World Championships (2001), 1st place at Verbier Xtreme (2006, 2008 and 2010), 1st at swatch O’Neill Big Mountain Pro (2007), and 2nd place overall on the Freeride World Tour 2010. Known not least for his big smile and his iconic blonde dreadlocks, usually tucked under a home-crocheted beanie, Kaj is a much-loved and admired personality on the freeriding circuit, both for his irreproachable, flawless skiing and for his seize-the-moment philosophy of life, which blesses those around him with reminders to live for the moment. Someone who lives with creative spirit and joy, Kaj has a talent for crocheting as well as boundary-breaking skiing—he is a co-founder, with friend and fellow freerider Sverre Liliequist, of the hat company Kask, where Kaj and Sverre are the design team responsible for the company’s appealing ski-bum beanies. Multi-talented and creative, Kaj also appears in many of the films created by his own ski film production company, Swedish Posse, where through his skiing and performances he makes an effort to share his undiminished passion for skiing, snow, and the great beauty of the mountains. His films include ”The Way I See It” (2010), which was nominated Best Natural Air at the 11th Powder Awards, and Très Bonne Equipe (2011). Kaj also appears with Sverre in a Swatch Catch the Moment Portrait, where he can be seen talking about skiing, his life philosphy, and hats.


Kaj shines in Freeriding. He’s sharp and efficient, with virtually perfect technique.


• Kaj loves dirt biking, skateboarding, mountain biking, going to the gym, yoga, motocross, golf and tennis
• Kaj is a co-founder of the hat company Kask (alongside fellow skiier and friend Sverre Liliequist)
• Kaj also co-founded the ski movie production company, Swedish Posse


Kaj, with his mass of blonde dreadlocks and his easy smile, is an infectiously positive role model for skiers everywhere: he might be friendly and easy-going off-skis, but he’s a demon on the slopes, with his clean-as-a-whistle moves and his extreme speed. Kaj always gives skiing his all, not because it’s important to win, but because of the joy of approaching perfection.