Product Details





Art 1994 Spring Summer



Strap material

Plastic Folio

Case material



Water-resistance: 3 Bar

Case dimension

Ø: 34,00 mm
L: 8,75 mm
H: 39,20 mm

Product Description

Some like it hot, and everyone likes the ultimate icon of gloss and glamour. In his signature décollage style, the intriguing Rotella takes on a larger-than-life Marilyn (GZ133), re-constructing and deconstructing her mythic pop persona. With its urban, vintage advertisement colours juxtaposed for punch and power, the work hums with the icon’s magnetic personality while exploring the places she came away at the seams. In Bengala (GZ132), a fierce creature snarls from the dial. Printed with nature’s catchy original design of black and orange stripes, this ferociously attractive piece meets the viewer’s gaze with a powerful eye.

Artist Biography

Mimmo Rotella

Mimmo Rotella was an Italian artist and poet best known for his works of décollage, created from torn advertising posters. Rotella created his works through the reworking of pre-existing images, which he found distributed in his urban landscape. His signature methodology was to erode; he rubbed and tore at the surfaces of posters and advertisements until a multiplicity of layers was exposed. In a literal and figurative way, Rotella’s work unearthed buried meaning by scratching at the world’s deceptively glossy and seemingly process-free finished products.