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Food 1991 Spring Summer



Strap material


Case material



Water-resistance: 3 Bar

Product Description

Sculptural, shapely and unexpected, the artist’s three creations for Swatch are small-scale works of Pop Art. Hofkunst set the classic watch format aside and instead fashioned organic, eye-tricking, sculptural watches that look as if they are made out of food.

Gu(h)rke (PWZ100) is a cool green, right down to the dial, inked to look like a moist, seeded slice of cucumber. Bonju(h)r (PWZ101) is a strip of bacon, cleverly curly and striped, fairly crisping at the wrist. Verdu(h)ra (PWZ102) is an abundant, glistening red, the dial cushioned inside a plump-looking bell pepper. Each piece’s title is a bit of multi-lingual wordplay, and the work is pure visual play.

Artist Biography

Alfred Hofkunst

Master draughtsman and artist Alfred Hofkunst first caught the eye of the art world in the mid-1960s with his trompe-l’oeil depictions of everyday objects. One of Hofkunst’s most well known works is his reconstruction of his artist studio through drawings installed in another space, which he exhibited in 1977. In addition to these works, Hofkunst created atmospheric landscapes and meticulous, detailed figurative work. His work is featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and in other major collections.