Mat Rebeaud


29.07.1982, Payerne (SUI)


Payerne (SUI) & Corona, California (USA)

About him

“With every jump the very first attempt is terrifying. But as soon as you have started the first attempt and have ‘felt’ the ramp, the fear vanishes”, says Mat, the first FIM IFMXF World Champion. The Swiss ace had already garnered the unofficial predecessor of the title in 2005 as the victor of the FMX “Night of the Jumps” Tour. And he was already in the limelight in March 2006 when he forced Travis Pastrana to his knees in an unforgettable fight at the Red Bull X-Fighters in Mexico City and landed in second place at the Winter X Games in the “Moto Best Trick” category.

In addition to his successes in numerous international contests, the 29 year old native of West Switzerland is also the world record holder in “Highest Air”. With his FMX machine he flew higher than any man ever beforehand: 11 metres — as high as three storeys!

Mat already made his first rounds as a four year old. He rode in motocross and supercross races. In 2000, he specialised in freestyle motocross, became a pro and thus realised a dream. Mat has lived in Corona, California since the summer of 2005, and he shuttles between America and Europe. By the way, he commutes between home and airport exclusively on four wheels: “Privately I only drive a car. I do not have a road bike, indeed not even a permit — only one for freestyle!”


Underflip variations one hand and Backflip Tsunami


• Golf, snowboarding
• Owns his own skate shop
• Does not have a motorcycle licence


Quote: ”Every day is like a holiday if you can live your passion.