Coco Ho




Sunset Beach, Hawaii (USA)

About her

Coco may have Hawaiian surf royalty running through her blood—she is the daughter of Mike Ho, the niece of Derrick Ho, and the sister of Mason Ho—but she’s got a rough-and-tumble, savvy new style all her own that makes her one of the toughest newcomers in the surf. Born and raised on Oahu, Coco cut her teeth on the island’s infamous surf, quickly showing herself a worthy heir to the Ho throne. Appearing out of nowhere on the Association of Surfing Professional’s Women’s World Stage through the ASP WQS, Coco had no problem fitting in with the hard-as-nails competition, and even nabbed the 2009 ASP Rookie of the Year award, finishing as the top-rated Hawaiian female in the world. Going on to the ASP Women’s World Tour along with the highly watched ’New Guard’, Cokes was in the lead: distinguished by her faultless moves and professional approach to competition, she singled herself out by being the only rookie to take home a win when she got the Rip Curl Pro Search, beating out former ASP Women’s World Champion, Chelsea Hedges. 2010 saw Coco finish 7th in the ASP Women’s World Tour, place 1st at the Maresia Girls International ASP WQS and grab a “bronze” for third place in the Surfer Poll Awards.
Coco’s ease under all surf conditions, impressively broad repertoire of maneuvers, and the matchless performances she’s got under her belt make her a serious threat in the water. Appearing in the 2007 film Heart of a Soul Surfer, and the 2010 production Six Days in Paradise, Coco’s international profile keeps on rising.


Anything progressive.


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Stylish, progressive, driven and contest savvy – with an extra helping of personality and charm – Coco is as promising as they come. Music lyrics to live by: “Looking you will find, find you will be fine” by Ziggy Marley.