Product Details





Artist Collection Swatch 2009 Summer



Strap material


Case material



Water-resistance: 3 Bar

Case dimension

Ø: 34,00 mm
L: 8,75 mm
H: 39,20 mm

Product Description

This talented young artist clearly keeps at least one foot in the monkey-barred, swing-set playground of his childhood-steeped fantasy world, which makes for Swatch watches that tickle and please. Snuggle Bunch (GS136) is a cuddly timepiece with fluffy critters tucked cozily into the strap.  Floating Away (GS137) has balloon-coloured numbers hanging on strings, like tangled kites, from puffy white clouds in a cartoon-blue sky. Germaholic (GW149) is home to adorable green monsters that eye the viewer piteously along the chartreuse strap. With cupcake and children’s book colours the watches appeal both to the child and the artist within.

Artist Biography

Matthew Langille

Matthew Langille is a prolific young artist based in New York City, where he puts his boundless creative energy to work for global fashion houses and design firms. He studied glass-blowing as a child, art installation in France, and ceramics and life drawing in the United States before turning to print-making and drawing in college. His clever, witty imagery exhibits a distinctively light-hearted style that sets him apart from the crowd. Matthew works with images, graphic and text designs, patterns and crayon drawings in the ever-changing space where art and fashion meet.