Product Details





Artist Collection Swatch 2009 Summer



Strap material

Plastic Folio

Case material



Water-resistance: 3 Bar

Case dimension

Ø: 34,00 mm
L: 8,75 mm
H: 39,20 mm

Product Description

In his lively work for Swatch, pop master Billy the Artist channels the contagious, finger-snapping energy that pulses through American cities. These kaleidoscopic, psychedelic tapestries of image and pattern shine with life, and fairly snap at the heels of fashion. They dip back into the 80’s just enough to borrow the warm glow of nostalgia before pushing on into the future. After Dark (GZ204) is a labyrinthine black & white dance, flourished with eddies, swirls and dots that turn out to be faces. Morning Glow (GZ205S) is a celebration of a light-infused cityscape at dawn, the dial a face made of composite forms. A perfect fit with the spirit of Swatch.

Artist Biography

Billy the Artist

Billy the Artist is a designer, commercial artist, and painter who works out of New York City, where his East Village studio is home base for his highly successful creative and commercial enterprises. Billy thrives on the artistic power of the essential American city and its vibrant art scene. Author of a style he dubs “Urban Primitive Pop,” Billy makes intricate, patterned work that hums with joy and celebration of the human spirit. Beloved in the world of fine art as well as the commercial realm, Billy saves time for public art projects and philanthropic efforts.