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Anne-Flore Marxer

Anne-Flore Marxer



24 Ιαν 1984


Preverenges‎ (Ελβετία)‎


Anne-Flore’s magnetic personality makes everyone around her smile. In her own words, this charismatic queen of the slopes is: „Euro, provocative and passionate.” Radiating enthusiasm for adventure and love for her sport, Anne-Flore is a hard-core snowboarder with a respectable command of white backcountry wilderness. You can count on AFM to keep pushing the limits of grace, style, and virtuosity—and if she crashes, you can bet she’ll get up and keep boarding, no matter what. And she’ll do it with a flash of her signature, daredevil smile.

  • Freestyle in backcountry, larger jumps in powder, steep pillow lines, big cliffs and natural drops
  • favorite tricks: bs 180, bs rodeo 720.
Άλλα ενδιαφέροντα

After night fall, AFM can be found tearing up the local dance floor. This free spirit also rides the waves, surfing and no-boarding. She also sings Karaoke, travels, and spends time with friends. AFM brought her go-big-or-go-home style to a collection of 5 watches which she designed for Swatch.

Σχετικά με αυτήν

Anne-Flore snowboards like she means it, with a take-it-to-the-limit style as big and dazzling as her smile. With her mega-watt personality and deft moves, she is a force to be reckoned with, a natural talent guaranteed to capture your attention and give you a thrill. It’s no surprise Anne-Flore has been honoured with titles like Freeride World Tour Champion (2011) and French Female Rider of the Year (2010). Busting her fearless, big back-country moves since the age of 14 (Anne-Flore could ski before she could walk!), this freestyling dynamo impressed the American snowboarding world when she burst on the scene in 2005. Named Rookie of the Year in 2006 by Transworld Snowboarding, Anne-Flore went on to earn Le Mondial de Snowboard’s title of Best International Rider in 2008, beating out male and female competition alike. A breathtaking boarder, Anne-Flore is a wildcat of a performer who grabs hold of her fans and doesn’t let go until she’s done: every moment of her boarding is a lesson in daring, skill and energy. Through the scope of her charisma and the perfection of her tricks, Anne-Flore is the kind of rider that makes ordinary sessions extraordinary, a true contender in her trade and one who turns sporting events into art. Inspiring others through her fierce, free spirit and indomitable style on the slopes, Anne-Flore has appeared on the covers of no less than 13 magazines (and counting!), including Cooler, Spare, Boardlife, Surfeuses, and more. Anne-Flore has also lent her star power to multiple productions for film and television, including Freestyle Moment on Swatch TV in 2010.