Love is bright, love is fun, love is love

16 January 2024

With open hearts and minds, Swatch welcomes all people and celebrates all love.

The 2023 rainbow flag-inspired collection is loud, proud, uplifting and bursting with meaning.

Vibrant designs represent six colors of the Pride flag - a symbol of humanity that speaks for all genders and all races. 

PROUDLY RED stands for life and passion, PROUDLY ORANGE for healing and celebration, PROUDLY YELLOW for sunlight and the flag’s radiant center, PROUDLY GREEN for nature and growth, PROUDLY BLUE for harmony and PROUDLY VIOLET for spirit. PROUDLY VIOLET SwatchPAY! completes the line-up and makes paying the bill a simple flick of the wrist by using the same technology as a contactless payment card, and each watch features a symmetrical second hand to symbolize equality.