Positive messaging with the Swatch x VERDY Collection

April 24, 2024

A blue resistance band with white zebra stripes and a white logo on a crinkled blue gym mat background.
A stack of six colorful and uniquely designed wristwatches with various patterns and logos, set against a dark gradient background.

Latest collaboration embraces contemporary Japanese artist’s work and celebrates the joy of life.

Swatch is proud to announce a collaboration with Japanese graphic artist VERDY and to present the Swatch x VERDY Collection. Featuring VERDY’s most iconic characters and projects, it’s a collection all fans will want to get their hands on.

VERDY is one of Japan’s most recognized graphic artists. Born in Osaka and currently living in Tokyo, he has worked with some of the world’s leading names in the film, sports, streetwear, and luxury fashion industries. VERDY’s light-hearted approach encourages us to be ourselves and connect with our inner child, our most inspired self. Every time you glance at your Swatch x VERDY watch you will smile and be reminded of how VERDY sees the world.

VICK BY VERDY stars VERDY’s instantly recognizable panda-rabbit character. Here, Vick appears with his energetic, rebellious attitude and in his traditional classic black and white color scheme on the strap. The famous ‘A’ that appears on his stomach is the focal point of the dial and underlines Vick’s love of punk music. The NEW GENT BIOSOURCED model is sleek enough to fit under a cuff meaning that you can show your rebellious side at work and at play with Vick on your wrist.

VISTY BY VERDY shows the vibrant side of VERDY’s art with another iconic character who was specially designed to cheer people up during tough times. Colorful, fresh and fun with a distinctive spring in his step, Vistyis a character guaranteed to brighten even the darkest of days. Presented as a 41 mm NEW GENT BIOSOURCED model, it is sure to stand out enough to catch the eye and bring warmth and smiles to you and others.

GIRLS DON’T CRY BY VERDY celebrates the iconic project created by VERDY as a gift to his wife. His devotion is clear for all to see on the transparent model with white logo lettering across the length of the strap. With love at its center in the shape of a heart on the dial it is a chic and simple representation of VERDY’s art. Presented as a classic GENT model, the 34 mm case complements all wrist sizes without compromising style.

WASTED YOUTH BY VERDY reminds us of the artist’s inspiring message to the next generation. VERDY created the iconic project to represent his love for punk and skate culture. Wasted Youth is VERDY’s reminder that timeis never wasted, and all time spent is an investment in yourself. It’s an encouraging message represented by the logo in blue and white and reinforced with the words ‘I can’t waste my time anymore’ written on the case below the dial. The NEW GENT BIOSOURCED model has a simple dial with a large logo that contrasts with the patterned strap.

Rounding out the collection is the supersized, super colorful, super iconic MAXI VISTY BY VERDY. This 2.1m wall watch offers the license to be mischievous and silly, tapping into the iconic look of Swatch originals that are still much sought after today.

The Swatch x VERDY Collection is a Swatch tribute to graphic art that is inspiring a new generation of artists and art lovers. It’s also a light-hearted reminder of the importance of setting free and connecting with your innermost youthful self. The collection is on sale at selected Swatch stores and online from April 25, 2024. Miss it and miss out.


VERDY is one of Japan’s most recognized artists, known for his iconic projects Girls Don’t Cry, Wasted Youth, and his characters Vick and Visty. Born in Osaka and currently living in Tokyo, the graphic artist has worked with some of the world’s leading names in the film, sports, streetwear, and luxury fashion industries.