Grab it while it’s hot! Swatch presents the perfect donut-inspired watch celebrating The Simpsons

January 15, 2024

When you’re looking for a tasty treat, sometimes only a donut will do. That’s why Swatch is celebrating The Simpsons with a special watch that is sure to bring sweet vibes to Swatch and The Simpsons fans alike.

Guaranteed to give you a mood boost and put a smile on your face, SECONDS OF SWEETNESS is a playful and almost-good- enough-to-eat homage to the iconic, pink-frosted donut that has become synonymous with Homer Simpson.

Get ready to go do-nuts for the vibrant, mouth-watering timepiece which showcases a donut-shaped dial adorned with sprinkles and a comically oversized bite taken out. The design features bright pink frosting, and multi-colored sprinkles running down the length of the strap against a familiar bright yellow background.

The watch loop carries the Simpson logo and the packaging itself is a playful nod to the show's subversive humor and delightful wit. This delectable watch is also available as a SwatchPAY! in selected countries, making paying the donut bill a simple flick of the wrist!

SECONDS OF SWEETNESS and SECONDS OF SWEETNESS PAY! are the perfect accessory for fans of the show and lovers of all things sweet - and will be available in Swatch stores and on beginning November 2, following the launch of the show’s record breaking 35th season.

Fans of Swatch and the animated series are in for a treat because SECONDS OF SWEETNESS is just a tempting appetizer! The Simpsons and Swatch have more delicious plans set to roll out soon that will have the whole family lining up for more! Whatever you do, donut miss out!