Bring it back!

May 6, 2024

The Swatch NEON Collection returns with a bright new take on iconic Swatch designs.

Six fresh and fun new Swatch NEON watches tap into the liberating provocation of the ‘80s and ‘90s. With a range of sizes, models, and vivid neon colors, the collection builds on the success of the 2023 Swatch NEON Collection, offering an instant hit of feel-good energy to suit every style.

Inspired by original Swatch designs, the collection also promises to appeal to a new generation of fashion-forward customers looking for joy, playfulness, and the epic essence of iconic Swatch vibes.

Each timepiece features strong graphical elements so you can relive the great times from back then or just channel the energy of the Swatch NEON vibe.

SWATCH NEON PINK PODIUM and SWATCH NEON PINK PODIUM PAY! take inspiration from PINK PODIUM from 1990. The Swatch GENT complements a smaller wrist without compromising on style and is sure to rock your world with its bright pink strap, purple and yellow dial details and an invitation to start. Also available as a SwatchPAY! that makes paying the bill a simple flick of the wrist, the new SWATCH NEON PINK PODIUM PAY! is your constant companion for dynamic days and non-stop nights out.

At 41 mm, SWATCH NEON RIDERis sleek enough to fit under any cuff but will always stand out in style. Its strong color scheme of black, green, and orange shows that you mean business when it comes to having fun. Its classic good looks, taken from the original NEO RIDER from 1989, are guaranteed to suit you in every situation and keep things shaking with its eye-popping colors and playful look.

SWATCH NEON HOT RACERtakes its inspiration from the original Swatch GENT HOT RACER from 1989 and takes vibrancy to new heights with a super slim SKIN CLASSIC case. With the freedom you get from wearing a super slim watch, you can concentrate on immersing yourself in an ocean of acid brights. Minimalist style and nearly weightless design meet a ‘more is more’ approach to throwback graphics in a watch of contrasts that makes total sense.

With SWATCH NEON FLASH ARROW and SWATCH NEON WAVEprecision has never looked better – or more vibrant. With the CHRONO, you’re in charge of your own time. Combining a stopwatch with your Swatch, you get all the functions and double the fun. In a choice of bright pink strap and turquoise case with a color-segmented dial or tantalizing turquoise strap with a yellow case with a focus on the orange chronograph counters. Each model is inspired by an original chronograph from 1991 and features multi-colored pushers with matching loops on the strap for a maximalist take on a sporty watch.

SWATCH NEON JELLY and SWATCH NEON JELLY PAY! were inspired by the original JELLY STAG from 1993 and double down on the big and bold personality traits. The transparent case and strap are the perfect backdrop for the silver dial, colorful dial ring details and matching chronograph pushers. Both watches represent a stunning style statement that is sure to pay off. And the SwatchPAY! version is guaranteed to help get the party started when you hit the town with your friends.

With the new Swatch NEON Collection, channel maximum ‘80s and ‘90s style vibes and bring back the best of the past for a look that is so now. We have dialed up the color to make this the boldest Swatch NEON Collection yet, so you can be the brightest version of your very best self with authentic iconic Swatch style.

Which of the brand-new heritage-inspired designs will you choose?

The Swatch NEON Collection is available in Swatch stores and on from May 2, 2024.