Swatch and Sam Pilgrim show famous friends that sharing is caring in new video series

January 15, 2024

Making the impossible possible is all in a day’s work for Swatch and the mountain bike legend.

What might it be like to take one of the world’s top athletes, whose friends are also some of the world’s top athletes and watch them try out each other’s sports all in the name of fun? With Swatch on board, there is no need to imagine!

In the brand-new video series ‘Sam meets Swatch’, Swatch Proteam athlete, mountain bike star and all-round good guy Sam Pilgrim goes on the road to connect with some of his best Proteam friends—themselves huge names in their own sports.

Viewers will love the exhilarating, exciting—and sometimes very funny!—outcomes as Sam goes snowboarding with Pat Burgener, surfing with Coco Ho, skating with Gustavo Ribeiro and BMXing with Matthias Dandois. And since sharing is caring, Sam gives Pat, Coco, Gustavo and Matthias a masterclass in mountain bike magic. It’s a chance to see the snowboard, surf and BMX legends with new eyes as they learn new skills and talk about what makes them tick.

Sam is known for his fun, friendly presence, his bold moves and his signature smile. He’s also known for always having Swatch on board whenever he saddles up. For Sam, every day feels like a new opportunity to defy the laws of gravity and to fly through the air, upside down, with no fear. As Sam always says: “Today is going to be epic!”

Having Swatch by his side and on his wrist reminds him that he has the time and space to do what he does best. In the new series, Sam shows how much he loves the BIG BOLD Collection, wearing several models in each episode. With ‘Sam meets Swatch’, viewers of the new series will see a whole new side of Sam, his friends and what it takes to make the impossible possible just like the Swatch Proteam athletes do every day. ‘Sam meets Swatch’ launches on Sam’s YouTube channel on November 12.