“Houston, the Bioceramic MoonSwatch MISSION TO THE MOONPHASE has landed. A new model, all in white to celebrate the full moon, has touched down on the moon smoothly, in the planned location and on schedule.”

Just like the eleven Bioceramic MoonSwatch models, which depict the planets, and the eleven Mission to Moonshine Gold models, this new watch is equipped with the chronograph function. As a cherry on top, it also features a moon phase function, probably the most poetic of all watch complications. Hence its name Full Moon and its all-white color. For the first time in its history, Swatch has combined a moon phase with a chronograph. The Bioceramic MoonSwatch MISSION TO THE MOONPHASE is a new nod to the OMEGA brand, with Snoopy on the moon phase disc, lying on the moon, which moves in the subdial at 2 o’clock. Snoopy has been NASA’s mascot since the 1960s.