FAQs - Swatch X Peanuts - NFC

What is an NFC?

An NFC (near field communication) is a chip that contains data. In our case, it allows access to the special surprise of our Swatch X Peanuts Holiday Special.

How can I use this NFC?

Typically, modern smartphones are able to read NFC tags. The configuration and location of the reader on your phone depends on your model. Please refer to your phone vendor.

How can I activate the special surprise of the Swatch X Peanuts Holiday Special?

Read your watch with your phone and follow the phone instructions to the webpage.

How many Peanuts comic strips are on the NFC?

Enough to keep you entertained for a while, and we will be adding more!

Can I share the Peanuts Comic strips with someone else/ forward them/ save them somewhere?

You can share a link, however the strips will only be visible to you on your phone with the activation of your watch. Your comic is only available for the duration of your visit on the page, as long as the page is live.

What happens after I have seen all the comics?

You can start again from the beginning. As you start over, you may notice new comic strips that we might add.

How long will the Comics be available?

Until the end of 2023.

What information passes through my phone?

Each watch has a key and a link to the Swatch X Peanuts Holiday Special surprise. Only that information is read and passed to your phone and to the web. No personal data is collected.

Is Swatch able now to track me everywhere, as there is an NFC in the watch implemented?

No, this is not a tracking device. It is a simple NFC (near field communication) sticker which can communicate with a smartphone. In this case, it leads to the Peanuts comic strips page.

How does Swatch ensure my privacy is respected?

There’s no data capture or storage, and there’s no identifiable information on the watch.

Can I re-use the NFC and program it myself/ re-write it? Can the watch be re-programmed?

No. This is not possible.

How long will the NFC of my watch work?


Are there on each NFC the same comics?

Each owner of the Swatch X Peanuts Holiday Special has the same comic strips, however his/her own order of comic strips.

Which Swatch models have this feature?

Only CHOMP!, our Swatch X Peanuts Holiday Special has this feature

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