Swatch X You

For over 34 years, Swatch has been creating the world's most innovative watch designs, and now it's your turn!

Inspired by your experiences, style and creativity, Swatch X You is the truest form of your self-expression. After you DESIGN YOUR OWN Swatch with our stylish straps, watch heads, loops and pins, don't forget to share your creation by tagging #swatchXme

DESIGN YOUR OWN Swatch in five easy steps:

1, choose a Gent (Ø 34 mm) or New Gent (Ø 41 mm) case size;
2, select a watch head;
3, choose a 12h strap;
4, select a 6h strap;
and 5, pick a standard loop.

OWN YOUR DESIGN on social media by tagging #swatchXme

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