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Club Watch 2016/2017


Welcome to the 26th year of Swatch Club!

After a year of celebration, it’s time for you to brighten the Swatch Club sky: YOU’RE A STAR is the key statement of this year and you can be one, thanks to the purchase of SILVERSCAPE (SUOZ215).

Our yearly Club watch is again the celebration of our Swatch Club community. Along with Swatch passion and Swatch Club enthusiasm,
SILVERSCAPE will bring style toyour daily life.

A New Gent Lacquered with a blue lenticular dial, your Club watch is way beyond what people can see. Move your wrist and let your 2016-2017 Club watch tell the story of Swatch Club and show you a silverscape. Behind a blue dial, it shows a complex and beautiful world made of silver movement elements working together to bring time to life.
The case in semi-transparent light blue plastic meets the solid light blue silicon printed in silver, blue and glitter. And of course the watch has a special loop stating that this makes you part of the Swatch Club

The watch is available in special packaging, a silver tin with a camouflage look, which also contains a unique Swatch Club watch-shaped pin.

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Every Club Watch comes with a special code. If you already have "SILVERSCAPE" (SUOZ215), simply enter your code to activate your Swatch Club Premium Membership.

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Purchase the Club Watch to enjoy all the benefits of Swatch Club – both local and global. These include invitations to exclusive events, limited edition watches, exciting features, fun goodies, and lots more surprises to be revealed.

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