Cody Townsend

Cody Townsend



Mar 14, 1983


Santa Cruz, California‎ (United States)‎


Cody Townsend skis with the zeal of a man obsessed, and his mania is contagious! The American skier’s enthusiastic spirit for the sport beams from his flawless runs. When he wins a competition, Cody has been known to celebrate with friends by spending some of his winnings on a beer.


Cody says of his skiing style: “I just prefer to go straight.”


Cody gets his thrill in the offseason by surfing, fly-fishing, backpacking and mountain biking.  When not following his passion for the outdoors, Cody writes for ESPN, Powder Magazine and The Ski Journal as well as working on his belt company Arcade.

About him

American skier Cody Townsend has a tendency to set the bar pretty high for skiers that come up against him in a competition. The native of Santa Cruz, California has a style so fluid you could pour it in a cup and drink it. His appearance of effortlessness wavers not in the least, not even when he airs over heart-stopping, stomach-dropping cliffs in the course of one of his perfect runs. The only US skier in the 2007 Swatch O’Neill Big Mountain Pro Freeski, Cody represented the Sunshine State by sailing into 2nd place without breaking a sweat. In 2008, he came in 1st at Mammoth Mountain FWT Quest and 3rd at Verbier Extreme. In the 2009 Swatch O’Neill Big Mountain Pro Freeski, the Californian upped his own ante from two years earlier by taking home a Gold. In addition to earning him a memorable place in freeski competitions around the globe, Cody’s charisma has added value to a long list of productions for film and television, including Trial and Air (2006), Up in Snow (2008) and The Way I See It (2010). Cody tells the story of the time he couldn’t stand to stop skiing long enough to go to a restroom—and paid the consequences on the skilift—proof positive of a commitment to the sport that can’t be faked.