Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones



Jan 2, 1976


Tucson, California ‎ (United States)‎


As an ex-snowboard racer, Jeremy brought speed to big mountain snowboarding.


Watch him outrun an avalanche as he rides the big mountains in the video Projectour.


• Surfing
• Jeremy Jones and his wife Tiffany have a beautiful baby girl
• Top Ten amongst the “Toughest Men in America”
• Established the non-profit environmental initiative “POW - Protect Our Winters”
• Founder of Jones Snowboards

About him

Always a leader and innovator in his sport, snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones has stepped forward to take a proactive stand, establishing a non-profit environmental initiative under the title “Protect Our Winters”, also known as “POW”.
Taking a cue from research and reaction of environmental scientists and snow sports enthusiasts alike, Jones is working with Board companies and others to establish a “green” re-direction within the manufacturing process of snowboarding and ski products, as well as creating programs through POW to educate the snow sports public about how simple daily lifestyle choices can greatly reduce ozone depleting gasses, which have a direct impact on our planet’s climate shifts and, of course the more evident effect on reduction in global snow pack levels from year to year.