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Swatch in 1983



At the beginning of the year the ASUAG Management Commerzbank in Frankfurt, Germany. Committee authorizes the financing of advertising campaigns for the Swatch launch in Switzerland, Germany and Great Britain.
1st March : Swatch’s hour has come. The “impossible” watch is released to the public : 12 models at prices ranging between CHF 39.90 and CHF 49.90 are ready for delivery. Total production for 1983 is set for one million. At the press conference the public is informed of the 1984 target : 2.5 million Swatches. Shortly afterwards Swatch sets a unit price of CHF 50.00 (or its equivalent in other currencies) for all standard Swatch models for both men and women.
In November, the design and planning of the model POP Swatch begins. ASUAG and SSIH (Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogère SA) merge to form a single group. This new Swiss watchmaking group receives its official name in 1985 : SMH. Implementation of watch names instead of only coded references. The first watch name is Tennis Grid.


Product Line

Swatch Originals
This plastic watch was the original, and came in two versions : “Lady” and “Gent”.
Swatch Gent is the original men’s watch size.