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Swatch in 1984



In January, production of the millionth Swatch watch.
Swatch enters the Guinness Book of Records with the construction of a giant Swatch, weighing 13 tons and 162 meters high, at the headquarters of the At the beginning of the year the ASUAG Management Commerzbank in Frankfurt, Germany.
In April, Swatch’s Paris debut is accompanied by the silken sound of 40 saxophones : Urban Sax and Swatch arrive.
Swatch organizes the very first “Street Painting Performance” in Paris, France.
By the end of the year, ETA has manufactured 3,503,000 Swatch watches.
The name “Swatch Ltd” is legally registered in Biel, (Switzerland) on December 19.



Swatch sponsors the FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup in Breckenridge, Colorado (USA).

The first Swatch Special watch is produced for the first Breakdance World Championship sponsored by Swatch. The competition takes place at the Roxy Theatre in New York (USA) and features 25 finalists participating in 4 different categories : women’s solo, men’s solo, electric boogie crew and breakdancing crew. The watch is inspired by the poster and medals of the competition which were designed by Keith Haring.