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Piolin's Time


All the Club members who joined or renewed their membership in 2016-2017 by purchasing SILVERSCAPE (SUOZ215) or STARGAZE (SUOZ214S) Club watches are entitled to buy our Second Club watch before it's available to the public! 
If you want to get your hands on it, you can either participate in one of our Swatch Club launch events or order it online.

PIOLIN'S TIME will be available only for Swatch Club Premium, Gold and Pioneer members until October 6th, 2016. Sales will be open to the public in select retail stores and online on October 10th. Due to limited quantities we cannot guarantee availability until the purchase is completed.
Please be aware that until October 6th you can only book one piece. Purchases made in stores after October 10th will include a one-year Swatch Club Premium membership.


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Get to Know the Artists

Leo Chiachio and Daniel Giannone

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chiachio and Giannone have been re-inventing the time-honored craft of embroidery since 2003. Inspired by a multitude of subjects, mediums and artists, their self-referential portrait style embroidery boldly communicates on the evolving definition of family, which in their case is a family of two men with their dogs. Utilizing a dazzling array of colored threads and fabrics, their work could best be summarized as painting with needles. 


Premium Membership

Exclusive Access

Purchase the Club Watch to enjoy all the benefits of Swatch Club – both local and global. These include invitations to exclusive events, limited edition watches, exciting features, fun goodies and lots more surprises to be revealed.

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