Samuel Anthamatten

Samuel Anthamatten



Sep 28, 1986


Zermatt‎ (Switzerland)‎


Samuel is a modest man who never fails to surprise. He is enormously gifted and makes use of his talent and abilities in a variety of sports. He has gained amazing experience in the mountains, where grew up and spent time over several years. He blossoms and is filled with enthusiasm when fresh snow falls from the sky.

Samuel feels free and moves forward when he immerses himself in his “Skiing world”. On days like that, he's tireless, and wishes they would never end. He appreciates those perfect moments when he's out skiing with friends in Nature.


Steep Big Mountain Lines


Time management... There aren`t enough hours in a day to unpack the backpacks when you include activities such as High Alpine Tours, climbing, Freeriding - or doing all three in one day. So then the pile of backpacks in his room grows higher and higher... it's even hard sometimes to find his way through them!

Investing in his comfort is his top priority. Without question he has a certain talent to fix and customize things for himself, his own technical materials such as skis, clothes, poles, helmet, camera, and ski boots. He spends hours on his equipment, taking care of every detail with endless patience - and sometimes he even forgets to eat!

About him

Samuel grew up in Zermatt (Switzerland), where kids at the age of five normally go to the Alpine Ski team. But Samuel liked the snow at the side of the slopes. Known in the Alpine scene for daring ascents around the globe, he combines mountaineering with Freeriding. At only 19 years old he skied some of the most difficult lines on the surrounding 4000 meter peaks of Zermatt. His confidence and style on steep North Faces continues to astonish people.

In 2010 Samuel earned his certification as an approved Mountain Guide. That same winter he shifted his focus from climbing Big Walls in the Himalayas to Freeride competitions. Earning some points in the qualifiers events gave him a wildcard for the Swatch Freeride World Tour 2011.

Samuel showed up the first year on the Tour and finished in second place on the overall ranking. In the same season he rode together with Proteam fellow Xavier de le Rue to capture some shots for the Swatch Timeline film production and revealed his real speciality, Big Mountain Skiing.