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March 4, 2015


Discover Swatch at Expo Milano 2015, with two new collections celebrating the event and the energy of Mediterranean cuisine and the all-new “Swatch EXPerience” store! And, in the centre of Milan, the Swatch countdown clock adds rhythm to Expo.

Swatch’s sponsorship with Expo Milano 2015 centres on the key theme of the exhibition – the importance of nourishment, both physical and cultural, for the planet’s well-being: a theme of global importance which is entirely in the spirit of the Swiss brand. A forward-looking sponsorship that confirms the ideal, concrete integration of the flavors of Expo Milano 2015 with the know-how behind Swatch innovation and design, in the common hope of bringing added energy, value and a pinch of irony to life.

Swatch, the Official Watch & Timekeeper Sponsor at the great Universal Exhibition, has created two watch collections specifically for Expo Milano 2015. The official collection includes three styles bearing the event’s colours and logo on the dial and strap, paying homage to Expo Milano 2015 and to the city of Milan, with which Swatch has a historic affinity. The other collection, Mediterranean Dolce Vita, includes four watches – Tomatella, Onione, Vitamine Boost, and Sardina – which Swatch dedicates to the pillars of the Mediterranean diet, underlining how good food can be both healthful and enjoyable. The four styles are also available in a special “food package” in a limited edition of 500, available exclusively at the “Swatch EXPerience” Store.

Swatch, the world’s best-known watch brand, will also be at Expo Milano 2015 with an innovative, original “Swatch EXPerience” Store across from the China Pavilion: the allegory of a merry-go-round recalls the brand’s playful character and offers a fun attraction for children of all ages. There are also three great expressions of “street food”: a Sicilian cart serving up the Mediterranean Dolce Vita collection, a hot dog cart selling urban Irony watches, and a colorful ice cream truck offering Flik-Flaks in all flavors.

Throughout Expo Milano 2015 an illuminated Swatch watch/totem over 4 metres high set up in Via Beltrami, across from the Expo Gate, will continue to measure the days, hours and minutes until Expo closes. Made up of cubes in the official colors of the World’s Fair, with moving parts (the Expo Milano 2015 logo and the Swatch Swiss cross), the totem underlines the dynamism of a brand with a touch of irony that always has a surprise in store.